Be motivated by the fear of being average (My daily rewards last week in Splinterlands)

My level of staking is still 55K SPS right now, and as the airdrop finished, I am just getting like 20 SPS daily, from staking and I am trying to save everything for the Riftwatchers packs. Grandmaster Rathe max level done and Chaos Agent is next on the list (I need that demoralize skill). On the last week doing daily quest a had some average results, 17 cards, no Gold card, no Legendary card, lots of common and rare, some DEC, and some potions:

3 Pack

83 Alchemy potions

38 Legendary potions

1704 DEC - biggest one was a 528 DEC chest this week

281 Merits - biggest one was a 153Merits chest this week

17 Monsters: Pelacor Bandit x5, Pelacor Deceiver, Venari Heatsmith, Medhampir, Exploding Rats, Blood Maker x2, Naga Assassin x2, Vampire Bat x2, Dhampir Infiltrator, Gargoya Lion.

Total value rewards this week: 7.02$

Mightyrocklee complete portfolio statistics:

Number of cards: 917 - Common: 390, Rare: 301, Epic: 127, Legendary: 99 A

lpha: 22 - Beta: 49 - Promo: 18 - Reward: 300 - Untamed: 139 - Dice: 34 - Gladius: 27 - Chaos: 328

Gold cards: 212 BCX: 31407

Value: $ 20026.16

I was saying that 55K SPS are staked, and whatever 25 SPS I have dropped daily, I will use it for a new validator bid this time, if I can make enough until the end of Tranche 2. Seems like the vouchers will stay, at 20K per day, even after the initial presale, and they will get additional uses given enough time (EXTRA bonus packs when used and Validator discounts). I am focusing now on upgrading the epic cards from CL to max level slowly-slowly, with all Legendary upgraded. Also, rumor has it that you may need monster cards to increase production on your lands, and the higher the card level and rarity, the better. I got a bit overexcited and I updated few minor cards one more level. Seems too cool to miss it. Price on Gold and Legendary cards will explode as soon as the lands are here. I can see the price going up a lot for the Splinterlands governance token, as the market start to go up again. Already got some important real life use.

My stack of 1.117 Million SPT to @monster-curator is getting some nice daily returns. At the moment you can get quite a few SPT tokens writing in the weekly challenges or participating on different contests organized by the Splinterlands team.I stopped the manual curation and I delegated my remaining 110K SPT and 55K 1UP, for some extra free time. I have already saved 200k Level for @Psyberx airdrop and the last or their free packs will be airdroped in September I think. . If you want to play Splinterlands, give me a shout on this post, and I may lend you some nice cards, if you message me your account name here.

My referral is .

All the best,


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Another week, another brick on the wall...

$20000 worth of cards like your are owning a nice condo in Brooklyn. Good game buddy.

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