Contest WINNERS Post -- "Rocking Out the Loot on Splinterlands"

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The "Rocking Out the Loot on Splinterlands" Song Contest has its Winners!


There were six Contestants:

@jaydr from Nigeria;
@rosiew from the United States;
@hkinuvaime from The Philippines;
@manujune from Venezuela;
@damienwolf from The Philippines; and,
@navre from Indonesia.

I thank all six Contestants for their excellent renditions and participation in the Contest.


The judging process was, in a word, nightmarish. Screaming, allegations of idiocy and a level of acrimony worthy of a Splinterlands brawl. In the end, I had each judge rank his/her Top 3 Contestants and assigned 3 points for 1st Place, 2 points for 2nd Place and 1 point for 3rd Place. I then added up each Contestant's points and ranked them accordingly. It should be noted that each of the Top 3 Winners were ranked First Place by at least one judge.


The Prizes for this Contest will be comprised of the cumulative upvotes left on each Contestant's comment in the Comments Section below. The Contest Post envisioned a:

100% upvote for First Place
50% upvote for Second Place
25% upvote for Third Place

Feel free, of course, to upvote the respective Contestant's comments any way you like but I'd ask you to err on the side of generosity. These were all GREAT entries.

ATTENTION: All Contestants leave a comment in the Comments Section below ASAP. Upvotes on such comment will constitute your Prize.


Special Thanks

A special word of thanks to @chatter of @splinterlands for all his help throughout the course of the Contest.



Without further ado:

First Place ... @damienwolf

Rosie The Rockstar Rocking Out ...


A Tip of the Hat to all the Contestants and Congratulations to all the Winners.

BTW, does anyone like "My Way?" I've been tinkering with the lyrics.


Awoooooooooooo!!!! What a way to start the New Year! Thank you sooooooooo much judges and of course @quillfire, our poet, extraordinare! It was a LOT of fun and as a SPLINTERLANDS player myself and a (frustrated) singer second, inspires me to rock it outon both genres. My wife and daughter are super stoked! All other entries were super cool and I am NOT envious of the judges and Quillfire with this. Thank you all for humoring this old wolf. And if I may plug, I do stream Splinterlands everyday at 4pm manila time. You can catch me at Happy New Year everyone!

@damienwolf , congratulations! 😁

Hearing your rendition almost got me backing out! Heavenly voice, great tone. I'm sure in many multiverses, you probably won it more than once. Just glad I got my one in a million. Regards to your dad! :)

Hehe! Thank you... 😁
Happy New Year ✨

Thank you sooo much! :)

Well earned, Wolf.

You did a great job "making it yours." We all had a great laugh.


Danke, Merci, Arigato, and all that Jazz. I was up against MAJOR competition, but your lyrics brought out an image of me hosting a SPLINTERLANDS Christmas party trying to rein in all these summoners and monsters to listen. Kinda made sure my Disney Dad side was in full swing as well. Glad you all had fun, that was exactly the intent. :D

Soooo cool!
Hi, Quill. Thank you very much for the opportunity and the selection.
Congratulations to all other participants. They all did great.
It was fun participating.

@manajune, everyone (myself included) loved your rendition.

Honestly, I think all three of you deserved 1st Place.

BTW, how are you with Elvis songs?


Thank you. That's great! 😁

Haha, well. I've only heard 2 songs by him. Wich are: "Jailhouse Rock" and, "Can't help falling in love with you".
The second one is lovely. 😊

Well, here's a few more to bring you up to speed.



Awn.. Congrats to the winners @manujune @damienwolf @rosiew .. You all deserved it.. And to myself, @hkinuvaime and @navre .. I m really glad we participated in this.. I m gonna learn from you and you ll see me around..

Thanks so much @quillfire for the fun and vibes you started.
Have a bless year everyone.

Thank you, @jaydr you did a good job too... Happy New Year ✨

@jaydr, you did a great job and I am very appreciative for your participation. Being the first entry, you set an example for the others to follow. 🍻


Thank you so much for the opportunity and placement, QuillFire!! I appreciate it! Have a blessed New Year everyone!

Congrats, @rosiew! Got to say, I really loved your rendition too. It has a "sit-back-relax-by-the-fireplace" vibe with excellent vocals and creativity. They're right. You ARE a rockstar. :)

Thank you, Damienwolf! Yours was wonderful as well!! You sound very professional so I hope you sing in some sort of capacity that way!! :) Congrats to you on your win! :)

Rosie, everyone loved your rendition and, in the end, it was an absolute sqeaker. It was extremely difficult ranking the Top 3.

BTW, I hope you have some Elvis and/or Sinatra in you.


Thank you, Quill. My favorite song to sing is a jazzy version of Blue Moon... if that gives you a sense of things. ;) Thank you again for your support!! :)

Congratulations to the winners 😁 Thank you for mentioning my country ^_^ it's an honor to participate in this contest

It was an honor to have you.


Well done! I caught a few of these and I hope you will do more!!

Congratulations to the winners! You all deserve it ❤️ fly high!

Thank you @quillfire for this wonderful opportunity! More singing fun soon 😉

All six entries were wonderful including your own. I wish I could have ranked everyone #1. Thanks you so much for participating. 🥂


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