Splinterlands - giveaway for new Players [1]

in #splinterlands11 months ago

Many new players have a problem when starting battling in Splinterlands. Competing with the only starter pack cards is very harsh. To make it easier for them, I've decided to make giveaways.

Giveaway rules:

  • You are eligible for giveaway if your collection value is below 10$, Check it here:
    https://peakmonsters.com/@newmonster/collection [swap "newmonster" with your nickname]
  • Show me the name of the card you want to get in the comment to this post
  • Max value of desired card - $0.20 (check market prices)
  • If value of desired card is lower than $0.20, the remaining value will be added to your next participation in the giveaway in the next giveaway post
  • First 5 players who are eligible with properly made comments will get desired cards

Very nice post! I love your stats page-https://steemweb.pl/statistics/steem-monsters?s=cards that is so helpful to everyone! An upvote for you is on the way!

Very good initiative !!