Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 162 // 10 Booster Pack Prize!Today my art sea genie!!

in #splinterlands7 months ago (edited)

​Assalamualaikum, I hope everyone is well. I am also well . Today I am drawing picture from the Splinterlands Art Contest! The name of the picture is Sea Genie.I am try to best art in your splinterlands blog.
I have used all that material here
My drawing Materials:
A4 size paper
Color Pencil
First I art the picture with a pencil.But i will try to best art.

Step 2: The head of the picture is painted with five colored pencils.

Step 3: The whole picture has been painted in a beautiful way, so that I wish everyone the best.

Step 4: The whole picture is beautifully colored with a color pencil. Painting pictures is a hobby.
I wish you all the best with the full color of the picture.
Thanks everyone.
Here is the link of my art contest.
Splinterlands Art Contest here
Here's my referral link.
https://[email protected]


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