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RE: NEW IMPROVED BATTLE-STEEM (Free Splinterland Cards, UFM, SPT, DEC & Troll Tokens)

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Winner + Prize Location on grid
Ammo (Fire Two More Shots)@ityp (I-1)
Ammo (Fire Two More Shots)
Airstrike (Fire Three More Shots)@cloudblade (J-3)
Airstrike (Fire Three More Shots)@gregory-f (J-1)
Sea Monsters (Splinterlands Card)@minimining (C-5)
Sea Monsters (Splinterlands Card)@monsterbuster (B-2)
Sea Monsters (Splinterlands Card)@monsterbuster (C-9)
BICERATOPS (Splinterlands Card)@darthgexe (A-3)
BICERATOPS (Splinterlands Card)@quantumdeveloper (F-4)
1 of 3 1000 TROLL Tokens@yorra (A-6)
1 of 3 1000 TROLL Tokens@gratisuntamed (G-10)
1 of 3 1000 TROLL Tokens@monsterbuster (E-1)
500 UFM Tokens@monsterbuster (B-6)
500 UFM Tokens@cloudblade (H-5)
500 UFM Tokens@zukowick (H-1)
500 UFM Tokens@cloudblade (D-6)
250 DEC Tokens
250 DEC Tokens
500 SPT Tokens
500 SPT Tokens

I got it right?????

Thanks for upvoting ....

I check shots once every 24* hours.

So in about 24* hours time I will check the first shots entered by everyone.