splinterlands daily swear fest - Boring day today

in #splinterlands2 months ago

(looks like leofinance is broke again dammit - posting here for now)

just playing a few early rounds - ya win some, ya lose a lot LOL

motherfucker - like 3 low mana vs level 8's in a fucking row

its no wonder it takes me a fucking week to move up a league

oh omtherfucker jusr ridiculous when i lose to all level 1's - every fucking day i lose a match like that and I STILL DONT FUCKING GET IT !!!

annndd, i'm down 100 fucking points - just like any other day

took a break - well, my recaptures is back up - let's see if lose the next 50 points back to gold 2

oh shit - won 6 in a row - i better take a break before the bad-asses show up and fucking ruin it

son of a bitch - are you fucing kidding me - life quest AGAIN - this is like day 5 or 6 of this shit

well - i got lucky and got a bunch of easy level 1 targets - let's see if the run wil last ???

obviously not long - goddammit here's the shitty losing streak

well, i thought i turned it around - but nope - it's more fucking losing AGAIN

i was almost to diamond 3 - then got fucked by the heavy hitters

a whole 2 cards again - GRRRRR, at least one was a dragon

see you degens tomorrow ;)