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RE: Cryptic Clues a New Game with a $65.00(DEC) Grand Prize Win and More! #crypticclues

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I don't know, Marcus.... feels like it's gonna cost a lot of newbies who are sensitive to gambling a lot of their precious cards they could be using to build their decks.

Maybe i just don't get it, and I'm wrong, but if enough people send in their cards, the house always wins
(I do get that's how gambling works, though- and the reason I'm not a fan of it)

Like i said, maybe my gut feeling about this is all wrong,and if so, i apologize. (Tbh, i didn't run the numbers). I don't want to be the negative nancy here, and by all means, feel free to let me know I'm completely wrong if I am (i truly hope I am).

One thing: would you mind dropping me a short note on discord once you've replied to this? I don't really spend time on chain. I only come here to check posts that have been linked in discord, and don't really follow up)


This little brainstorm of a game is designed to help promote cardauctionz market and auction use. It will also help open the lines of communication with our members. I hope it also provides a source of fun. Now to address your concern more specifically I see this as similar to an entrance fee in a tournament. X DEC entry cost may be a lot to anyone from a relative point of view and they would have to deal with an emotional defeat. If someone in any way feels like it might be emotionally upsetting to give up cards please don't play at all. I suppose I would say the same exact thing to someone considering a tournament if they couldn't handle the loss of DEC. This is a game of information and we might actually see people working together to come up with the solution. We compete against each other in ladder play and tournaments and cards aren't free. Hope all this very transparent. I also edited the price of cards to be up to 20.00(DEC cost) so that people do not try and game the system and use the simple process of elimination. I want it to be a game that uses the clues.

Good points, I admit. these wree things I really didn't consider.


If someone in any way feels like it might be emotionally upsetting to give up cards please don't play at all.

Don't underestimate the number of people with a gambling addiction, lol.

But I get your points, and I think they are more than valid.
So, once again, I apologize for not thinking it through before I reacted.

Like I said: you do a whole lot for the community, and I really appreciate that.

Okay I think we are all good :)

I don't view this as gambling. Instead, I see it as a game of logic. You assemble the clues and make logical choices. Even trial and error is a form of logic. Just remember, buying a card and hoping it appreciates is a form of risk. However, I understand the way your brain is thinking.

I have removed a cost of cards from the contest. All that is now asked is to have purchased your desired guess from cardauctionz.