Splinterlands Season End: First Time Champion II

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Hard Fought Battle To Champ II

SPT Champ II

Luck was with me this season.

The end of season is very difficult as I gain rank and I usually just finish daily quests before giving up for the day. This season I made it into Champ III with plenty of time left and decided to give it a go for Champ II. This was not an easy battle using Level 8 common cards and non-maxed epic, rare and legendary cards. This was a major grind with many wins and loses until bam I hit Champ II.

I used the following team for the final win and look forward to playing against you all in the next season. https://steemmonsters.com?p=battle&id=09aa5f744973dce40082b0fc9655fd9ab46f1b48&ref=slider2990 Hopefully I will receive some epic reward cards and battle towards the top once again.

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