Splinterland Strategies: Reward Card Refresh

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Since I last wrote a Splinterlands Strategies we have been deluged with new cards, both from the Untamed expansion and hefty dose of new reward cards.

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Out there on the battleground I have seen some changes, but certainly not huge ones.

While it’s true I see Untamed cards being used against me, for the most part Betas and the older reward cards are still making up the majority of matches.

I can guess that many Splinterlands players have yet to level the new cards to the Level 6-8 required to be competitive (in my case).

I generally play in the Gold and lower Diamond leagues if I’m having a particularly raucous season.

...'Beta Common Golds are down once more, if you factor in the DEC boost on every won match they are a good deal'...

Beta’s spiked just after Untamed was released but have once again subsided into almost the re-Untamed prices with perhaps a 10-20% rise.

I would say now is a good time to upgrade your monsters to the levels you need them before they rampage up again.

If you look at Alpha’s you will see what it going to happen to Beta’s eventually but when I cannot say.


Reward Card Refresh

The last batch of reward cards was very interesting and very strong in some cases.

The Splinterlands post mentioned they were a little rushed in releasing them. Is this a consequence or coincidence?

I like the fact that reward common Gold cards remain starting at level 4, something that was not welcome to me in the Untamed expansion when I saw it was level 3.


Gelatinous Cube has replaced Peaceful Giant as the big lumbering meat shield who takes all the damage when the rules are, ‘No Melee monsters allowed’.

While he’s not quite as meaty at higher levels than the giant, scavenge and self-heal ability abilities at level one and six respectively make up for this.

At 14c each for an in print neutral common reward card, Gelatinous Cube is already expensive. It bespokes the power he wields.

I expect to see him replacing the now OOP (Out of Print) 26c each Peaceful Giant more often in the future.


I was lucky enough to open THREE of ‘The Kraken’ in my last end of season rewards. Talk about a powerhouse!

At 14 health and 3 armour this dude takes some serious beating down and I always use him in those games with 35+ mana.

He’s an expensive Legendary at $6 plus but I feel is worth it if you want to intimidate your opponent as well as win more of those big mana games.

I will be investing in THREE more to get mine to Level 3 and the Enrage ability in time.

Both Baby Unicorn and Screeching Vulture are worth mentioning. The former due to a double buff at level 6 of Strength and Speed and for 3 mana.

Don’t expect the Baby to kick arse, he’s there as a support card and best placed in the mid ranks.

Baby Unicorn is already forcing his way into some of my Life line-ups, especially the low mana ones. I have a thing about global buffs.


Opportunity; whenever I see this ability I zoom in and take notice. Screeching Vulture is a common monster yet he boasts THREE abilities at level 6. How often do you see that and at just 3 mana?

We are seeing more and more matches with a clause of 12 mana. I feel these two cards fit the criteria well and what’s more both can be awarded FREE by simply participating in daily quests.

Splinterlands is evolving and getting more complex. I play daily and am hoping for it to gain the mass market exposure it deserves.


While it remains accessible to anyone who may pick it up, the more complex rulesets are ideal for the experienced player to exploit to their advantage. I feel it’s just a matter of time.



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Yes, I also spotted the Vulture as an unusually powerful common card. It’s become a regular for me with buffed melee.
I’m going to buy more to upgrade to level 6 with that great scavenger ability.

Nice overview. I am still trying to sort out all of my accounts and my new cards. It is a crazy busy time!

Those low mana battles really reduce the options, but then I get others with 99 available, so you can throw in all the big guns. I think more variety is good as it makes you think a bit more and may cause issues for those not paying attention. I keep getting the quest rewards, but not too much happening. Met some tough opponents in Silver II today.

You should be able to get the commons in your DQ rewards. Those ones I mention are decent cards for those low mana battles.

Want that Kraken lol, each time they use it against me I know I'm doomed...

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Excellent insights. And SUPER lucky to pull 3 Kraken straight away!

Thanks for sharing this with Twitterland!

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