Splinterlands and HIVE MONSTER Giveaway: 3500 DEC + 1 Booster pack + I Orb #260 and a Tip$$$ #260

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This end of the month MONSTER giveaway is gonna be a good one. These end of month Monster giveaway's are a little way to say thank you to all of you who support me and my channel. Follow the simple instructions below to enter all three giveaway's. These are exciting times and I hope I can make a full jump to HIVE and leave Steem-it behind but at the moment I am in a wait and see mode. Yesterdays winner of 259 DEC was a first time winner here @myfreebtc, congrats DEC already sent. Go give a follow and some love.

DEC Giveaway- Comment your favorite season and a matching food (summer and BBQ chicken).

Booster Pack Giveaway- Re-blog this please

Orb Giveaway- up-vote this post

Friendly reminder, any of the above actions done on Hive and Steemit will double your chances!win more crypto

Today's Tip is an easy one which will allow you to enter more tournaments and win more crypto. Link external wallets. The entire moth of April bitcoin.comexchange has been sponsoring Splinterlands and hosting tournaments that paid out bitcoin cash. Don't be lazy and link your wallets.

How to Link external wallets- It takes under 30 seconds and all you do is click on your name in the top right corner on splinterlands site. click on link external wallet, copy and past the desired wallet and click save, done and done. As of now Splinterlands supports Steem, Tron, Ethereum, Wax, and Bitcoincash.


That is all for today my friends, I will announce all winners in 3 days so stay safe and see you then.


all seasons and pizza
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Winter and hot coco

good shit and good luck buddy

Summer and grilled sardines!

Autumn and chili

Yeah that is a great answer, its been way to long since i have had chili


yeah that sounds great, good luck

Wow I feel dumb I didn't know they added new wallets thanks for the tip just added my BCH, ETH, and Wax Upvoted and ReHived I guess.

oh and for sure it is Summer and BBQ food

thanks buddy you are the best.

Summer and vanilla ice-cream. Great giveeaway!

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summer July 4th with lobsters!

yeah that sounds really good.

Winter and Broccoli cheddar soup.

this winter I had cheese fondue with broccoli a bunch

Fall with BBQ baby back ribs

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thank you for your support and good luck

Summer and ice-cream :)

For me every season attractive. And I prefer smoked fish, kebab or baked potatoes. Upvoted

I love baked potatoes

summer and ice cream

Spring and pizza.
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Summer with ice cream.

thank you for your support buddy

Winter Katsu Karree

Summer and chili

Summer and beer

summer + grill lamb
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I was away from the platform for a while and wasn't up-to-date with the happenings. I've just read some things on how Hive came about, and am posting from it for the first time.

The season and the food: autumn (not too hot nor too cold... usually :P ) and miso soup (I like it in any season actually).

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I am really happy you are back, have a great day buddy

My favorite season is SPRING - love the time of hope and renewal - and my favorite food is Prime Rib (a rare treat so it's easy to remain a favorite!)
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Summer and watermelon everything (salads, juice, cocktails, desserts...)

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The last season was great. My team has acquired a dragon jumper.