Splinterlands Monster Giveaway 10,000 DEC plus an Orb, a Booster Pack, a Gold Foil Card, a NFT pig, and sim #365

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Welcome to another end of month Monster Giveaway. We made it folks, 365 giveaways, one year of giveaway post. These end of month post are my way to say thank you to all who partake in my giveaways and show me so much love and support. This month I posted two blogs based on community comments, one was a shout out post bringing light to other Dapps and the other was ideas for new rule sets. They earned $1.20 liquid Hive and that is what I used to buy the orb for today's giveaway. The rest I have been busting my ass winning to earn for you all. I will post the prizes and how to win them below. I will pick and pay out all winners on August 4th. Yesterday's winners will be towards the bottom to avoid confusion to any new comers. Again, thank you for helping me and accompanying me on this journey, it's been great and I'm looking forward to another year worth of Giveaway post.

Monster Giveaway Prizes

  1. 3650 DEC - 2 winners (tag a friend with check this out.example @passthestixxx check this out )
  2. 365 DEC - 10 winners (up-vote)
  3. 1 Orb - 1 winner (re-blog)
  4. 1 booster pack - 1 winner (any of the above)
  5. 1 GF card - 1 winner (any of the above)
  6. 1 Level 3 pig for @piggericks (add oink to your comment)
  7. 800 SIM for @dcitygame (add game to your comment)

In short up-vote, re-blog, and comment and tag (@monster-burner check this out oink game) this would make you eligible for all prizes.

Today's Friendly Tip

With the Orb replacement aka ΛZMΛRÉ Dice right around the corner I would highly suggest saving your DEC so you can purchase as many as possible. Now that potions are not usable with reward cards you should try to save up enough potions to cover all the cards in the Dice you plan on buying. This means you might want to hold off on buying and more importantly opening packs. I have a feeling that with 6 new summoners and only 20 cards in the Dice, you should be able to pull some GF summoners if you have enough potions and Dice. I would also recommend selling the cards you pull from the dice on the first couple days as the price of the cards will be over priced. You might want to hold off on buying any of the dice promo cards via the market for the first week.

Yesterdays Winner of 250 DEC

@kreur thanks for partaking, DEC already sent out. Have a great day and good luck.

Yesterdays Winner of 50 DEC

@chekohler congrats I was in a simple and light mood so your comment won. I couldn't agree more and the DEC has been sent.
"That women get ladies night specials and men don't that some BS right there"

Okay my friends that is all for today, I will be taking a couple day break but I will return with the winners and payouts on August 4th and will start the daily giveaways on the 5th. Please consider supporting me by using this affiliate linkhttps://steemmonsters.com?ref=threejay
You can also follow and support https://peakd.com/@monster-burner my passion project that is one of the only support systems projects for new players.@monster-burner`s 3 sponsored tournament for Noobs will be created tomorrow so check it out. My goal is to grow so I can give away even more, so thank you again and spread the word.


@klye check this out.

Oink Game.


Awesome contest idea. Really well done I can't wait to see contests like this all over haha. We need more gamers w hi o are giving away assets like this.

thanks buddy, I feel like we need to treat all of Hive and its dapps like a game in pre-launch. giving away stuff, encouraging each other and helping one another. BTW great beard

Fuck I wish I could grow a beard like that.

Oooo this is super cool! I had no idea these were a thing (just recently started playing Splinterlands) ^_^

Oink, @yuurinbee-znz if you're still interested in trying out this Game.

Upvoted and Re-blogged. Thank you for creating this giveaway! 😆

thanks for the support I gave you a follow, good luck I hope you win

Ay cheers! Appreciate it. 😊

Oh, 100%! I first played it a few months back, but really didn't get the full grasp of the game mechanics. Hoping to be able to pick it up soon and start playin'... why you need your butt kicked? har har :wokeemoji:

Haha bring it 😂

Congrats on making it a full year! 2020 is off and running a bad way.. but your lil contests and giveaways are a brighter spot each day. Thanks for hosting them.

tag @rgc-rules (not sure if she will see the tag, she gets distracted lol)

I'll tap that reblog button for ya. Might get the word out a little farther for ya.


Thanks so much, its been fun. Good luck my friend

@yonilkar check this out

Here I am

better late than never lolz, good luck and thank you

Wow whole year. That is amazing!
Nice to see prizes from other games too (oink, game) are they sponsored or have you just decided to also hand out non-splinterlands rewards?

I'm just trying to promote the other games I play. Maybe I should reach out to them and see if I can get some stuff to give away. Thanks for partaking and good luck

@markjason check this out

good luck my friend

Waoooo, this is great @gatolector

thanks for your and the teams support it means a lot, good luck

Great, thanks for be part of this community.

Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Nice giveaway, DEC to everyone, Cards to everyone, piggs to everyone.

Well I'll mention @scrooger and give a game oink to round it out.

anyone who doesn't read the post are gonna wonder what the hell is a game oink lolz. Good luck and thanks for the non stop love.

@dexy50 check this out oink game
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thanks buddy and may the force be with you

@kennyroy check this out. 😉😜

good luck buddy and thanks for partaking

@coronavirus check this out.
An year already gone. Way to go man. Oink oink ... game on ...
Shower some purple rock.

best of luck and I hoping if I can grow this channel a bit more I can do a 500 DEC daily giveaway. I started at 50 a day.

Yes, I follow you since it was 50 Dec. Consistency is the key for your success. You are super consistent man.
Your other project monster burner is also a brilliant idea.
Way to go.

Wahh.. pretty massive this time, so lets have some fun

  1. @cranium check this out :)
  2. updooted :)
  3. re-hived
    No idea what you mean by adding @dcitygame to comment, but 800SIMs sounds not bad too

Now crossing fingers


Im crossing my fingers for you lol, thanks for the support

@cranium check this out oink game

what the hell is an oink game jk lolz, good luck and I hope you win something

It would be nice to win something "oink" @dcitygame or not @bitandi ?

I hope you do win, good luck and thanks for the support

Wow... Sweet! So cool engagement!

Thanks and good luck, I gave you a follow and I just bought a house in the mountians and Im gonna live mostly off grid so I looking forward to your garden and design post.

@bafi Check this out oink game 🤞

good luck buddy

@inuke check this out. I play both piggericks a.k.a. ionk and dCity game.

Same here, piggericks is addictive and I hope others join the game

congrats on the year. keep up the great work!

thanks buddy, to another year cheers

@monsterbuster check this out oink game

thanks for partaking and good luck

@miloshpro check this out oink game
all requests fulfilled

good luck my friend, I hope you win

You are so kind. Let's see what kind of fight we could make here.


@erikaflynn check this out

Thank you @threejay and good luck to you all!

no problem and best of luck.

Nice oink giveaway! I will tag @hydrodino

Thanks for doing so much to help people play this game

Upvoted and reblogged.

that means a lot and thanks for your support buddy. good luck

Oink oink! Happy giveaway birthday mate!
Keep going.
Check this out @rubillo15 and join the Game party!

Thanks, I'll try my best and good luck

Love this game, oink :)

@acheeach @karynthng check this out!

I love it too, good luck my friend

WoW, ve esto @oscurocactus ☀️🤩

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thanks for partaking and good luck buddy

Wow @threejay what an amazing contest! Congratulations for the initiative.

I love the Tip part. Yup staking DEC is best one can do right now.

I tag @kamchore to join us.

Sending you an animation as a gift...feel free to use it.