Splinterlands Monster Giveaway 4000 DEC 3 Booster-packs 1 orb and a Beta summoner

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Welcome to the end of moth Monster Giveaway. these are set up to thank all of you who support me day in and day out. I have been lucky to get to know many of you. There have been many new faces and I hope to get to know you also. Last months Monster Giveaway I put you guy threw a scavenger hunt to win so as promised I will make it super simple.Lets announce yesterdays winners and then we will jump into today's giveaway.

Yesterdays winner of 250 DEC

@mawit07, winner winner, good luck on todays Monster Giveaway.

Yestrerdays Runner-up Winner of 50 DEC

@stefano.massari, thank you buddy.

The Monster Giveaway- up-vote

Winner 1 2000 DEC
Winner 2 1000 DEC
Winner 3&4 500 DEC each

Booster Packs- re-blog

3 winners of 1 booster pack each

Orb - leave a comment on 2020 so far!

1 winner of 1 orb

LV 1 TYRUS PALADIUM summoner- tag a friend

! winner of 1 level 1 TYRUS PALADIUM card
Tyrus Paladium.png

Today's Tip- Equalizer Best Bet

Equalizer is a much loved rule set that gives all cards the same heath as the highest health card on the board from either team. I like it because it really makes you have to think to create your deck. My win rate is extremely high when it comes to this rule set and here is what I do. I bet that my opponent will pick a card with high health so instead of wasting one card spot on a high health card I assume my opponent will. This allows me to max out may deck with damage piggy backing of the opponents high health card. Another simple tip is use the shield ability as what ever your heath is with shield it will double.images.jfif

@monster-burner is my other project and so if you are not already please go check it out. The free guild for noobs and low level players will be live in the next couple of days as soon as the Hive migration kinks are worked out. You can reserve you spot here on discord https://discord.gg/zaFRjHK

All winners will announced and paid on the fourth of June. Good luck and stay safe


Tagging @rentmoney

Apart from Covid 19, 2020 is going good for me . Till now no one is infected in my family,relations and neighborhood.

Work from home culture is giving me ample time. No time wasting in travelling.

Thanks for the tag @r1s2g3. I'll tag @mysearchisover.

2020 is going decent for me and I hope everyone else is enjoying there 2020 as well.


Hey @r1s2g3, here is a little bit of BEER from @rentmoney for you. Enjoy it!

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wow everything sounds pretty good

great to hear and good luck

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  • 2019 was a very difficult year for me. 2020 was off to a good start, and then this coronavirus pandemic hit. I certainly hadn't expected to have to go through something like this. At least I feel lucky that I had already been working from home and didn't need to adapt much. Worries about the pandemic aside, we're fine, thankfully.

good to know and good to see you again.

I started using steemit and hive.
I lost 10 kilos with @actifit.
I started my first masternode
I started playing splinterlands.
I found a nice little community here.
Then the virus came.
But i am generally satisfied

You have kept yourself busy and congrats on the weight loss, not and easy thing.

good luck everyone, lots of stuff to win

Brah, entertaining

2020 - well I found splinterlands and hive so pretty good for me :) There have been some minor annoyances like escaped Chinese mass murderer or covid pandemic, but there have been some minor nice things too and they happen nearly every day. reconnected with one person from past due to hive few days ago, got legendary card from daily yesterday and I've already seen equalizer matches where monsters had 2 hp - good sign

As for other task, not big fan of re-blogging giveaways, but I will make an exception today, you have my auto votes for quite some time and since Chinese serial killer incident they are at 100% (community also nicely healed all damage he did to me, good to see that he have no chance on hive) and for tag I chose my ref @pargcan with hope that he will participate in some following giveaways too, longshot, but let's try it. He will see mention when he jumps on hive.

Thank you for your support and love buddy, Next time I will not make a re-blog requirement by your request. I know we will catch that serial killer too. I have a new post coming soon.

This looks fun , do you want to get me more informations about this card game...

2020 will be my year because i joined HIVE n VIMM

@dotwin1981 here is my marker of a friend Upvoted and repost it

welcome to the crew and good luck. Here is a quick tutorial on how to play from one of the creators. This game is a lot of fun and you can earn some crypto.

Ah okay so i need to buy a starter pack, okay so letz earn some cryptos so i can buy me one ;)

Looks like a fun ;)

btw I run a free guild for beginners so if you do jump in let me know and I will get you in the guild. It allows you to earn more and spend less

i created right now an account on splinterlands and buyed a starter Pack... so now im going to RTFM :D

this cards looking really nice

Thank you for the DEC!

no problem buddy. Good luxk

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2020 is an year of learnings.
Lost my grandpa aged 92. Made me think about lots of things about life.
Corona, made us realise that we hardly need anything to survive if we cut.out all the luxory stuff.
People will work even from home if put the trust.

sorry to hear about your grandpa, Covid made me feel the same way

About 2020 this is the best summary I saw so far:

I love a good meme

2020 has been an interesting year! I have adapted to challenges of the teaching from home. I feel blessed to have great neighbors, I can chat with when walking my dog.

staying positive and healthy, good stuff and good luck

2020 is the worst year in my entire lifetime. this corona is unlike any other pandemic ever as it separates people in the times where people need other help

keep you head up and lets hope things get better soon

If I could, I would delete 2020 from my memory.

the worst part is its only half way over

Well, was kinda the worst the 2020.

yeah what a shit show right, good luck

2020 - The worst year in my life. The World went crazy and people expecting it get worst. Yikes!

The year when I met @threejay! Thanks to @splinterlands my favorite game that is growing better and better.

tag: @miloshpro

it was the worst year because you met me lol, joking. Good luck buddy.

Hey @threejay, people often make mistakes with bad context, I hope this is not the case. And in life, whenever situation gets bad there are always many good things that are happening, and that is what I wanted to point out in my post.

And this friend of mine has a good thing of joining @splinterlands in 2020, and he is very eager to start earning and playing, I suggested him to try to get into your guild. While teaching him about trading, Tron blockchain, Hive blockchain, etc, we are waiting here for his order to get filled and finally finish with @splinterlands's starter pack. Out of nowhere we are in thriller bcs he has exactly 10 USDT, and timing the needed amount for starter set is not so easy. IMO a good way for learning the reality of trading, as we know one always need to have a bit more than the needed for paying.


I like reverse speed! Because you never know the max speed of your opponent's card. But in reverse speed you can be sure that you use the slowest cards :)

I enjoy it too, I have some pretty good low speed cards

Great! Some of my low speed cards don't require a leveled up summoner, so i like it :)

What a giveaway!

thanks and good luck

2020 - year to change

yes indeed. here we go.

my 2020 was neither good nor bad. I live in Italy, where taxes are very high. coronavirus hasn't attacked my family yet. so for now I would say that it is neither good nor bad.

Apart from the vírus... its being a pretty good year for me 🙂

Awesome, good luck and thanks for your support

no worries my friend, good luck.

All I can say is that 2020 is an amazing year as hive blockchain was born even if things aren't good prior into it. Aside from that, I am hoping that this year would be good for me as I continue to build up my cards in Splinterlands. Hoping to achieve at least Diamond rank in every season end to acquire more season rewards and daily quest.

Good strategy, the long game is play and build. Good luck.

2020 is great so far, extra vacation thanks to corona, crypto going up and NFT getting mass adoption. Did you check the @monster-burner project ? Seems like a very good win win strategy !

2020 isn't very great. Everyone's economy is crashing and burning and no world leader wants to take responsibility or even work together.

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I wounder how bad the economy will get, this might just be the beginning

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Being at home due to the coronavirus made 2020 be a very uneventful year...

You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

2020 started out kind of blah, but then I got to work from home for 5 weeks which was great. Now it's back to being blah.

Make it fun my friend, spice it up.

2020 is a difficult year, I want to be with my family, but i have to try to be positive, make the most of my time, thanks for the giveaway!!the monster burner project is very interesting!

stay safe my friend and The monster- burner project is going to roll out a bunch of stuff for the community soon

2020 so far: Jan 14th my daughter was born. 1st of April I was promoted.
Except for the corona-part the year couldn't have been better.

Ps.: Upvoted.

congrats, is that you first? Having your own children defines love in a whole ne way. I have two. good luck

Yes, the first =) Thanks!

Nice to learn something about Equalizer battles.

Upvoted and Reblogged although my upvote isn't much as I just started and played few Splinterlands battles and won a gold foiled card in just concluded season.

I read about getting into free guild, but I would like to take few more days and see how I fare with my level 1 monsters and will submit a request if I feel confident.

About the 2020, yes, lots of ups and downs so far, feeling lot bored sitting at home, but that also means, there is enough time to explore Splinterlands and write some blogs as well.

yeah that's a great way to look at it, I've been staying busy too, Good luck.

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Till now 2020 is good the only issue is Covid-19 but the good thing is that it make us more aware of the personal hygiene and now I start spare some time for health activities...
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Tagging @bafi

My 2020 thus far is far less gold foil cards from rewards or packs. 🤞