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RE: SPS Staking & Other Splinterlands Updates

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I came here to say this. Please get more feedback on the cool-down change.

Also, because of the season rewards change, players are considering just not playing at the end of the seasons to avoid potentially losing some rating.


yeah, this is could be a double-edged sword, but I've onboarded at least a thousand player recently, and I heard those raging players who bought cards with 5-7 days cool-down.

3 days should be the sweet spot.

Yes but as a new player I also noticed that the price of cards in cooldown tends to be lower thus offering a chance to grab some good card for lower than market value at the cost of having to wait a some days. Thought it was a good in-game mechanic.

Yeah, playing at the end of the season is RUFF.

If people don't play, DEC rewards go up, that would make up for getting relegates and losing a few rewards.