SPLINTERLANDS: How to build a VERSATILE LEVEL 1 deck! [For New Players]

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If leveling up your monsters is currently out of reach, building a versatile Level 1 deck might be your next best option.

Playing with mostly a Level 1 deck myself, I still manage to be competitive in Silver I. And, if not for a lack of Collection Power, my deck could even help me compete in Gold leagues without too much trouble in the middle of a season.

Table of content

  • Step 1: Identifying the holes in the new starter deck
  • Step 2: Starting with the Reward Cards
  • Step 3: Looking for affordable out-of-print Reward / Untamed & Dice cards with specific abilities
  • Step 4: Buffing the deck with Epic Monsters
  • Step 5: Renting the rest of the cards you cannot currently afford to buy (or are not on your priority list)

Mindset: Focusing on Abilities (available at Level 1)

Step1: Identifying the holes in the new starter deck


When the starter deck switched from Beta/Untamed to Untamed/Chaos, several abilities went away with this change. This update's main goal was to prepare the ground for the split between the Wild and the Modern Format in the game. This is essential to keep in mind, especially at Level 1 as some abilities became predominant because others were not available anymore.

The most notable losses in the incoming Modern Format are certainly the tanks with self-healing, Cerberus, and the Haunted Spirit. This huge shift makes other abilities like Tank Heal, Shield, Protect and Repair even more valuable for increasing the tanks' resiliency in the front.

Step 2: Starting with the Reward Cards


In the Modern Format, only a very few monsters will have Tank Heal or Protect at Level 1, which makes the cheap Reward Cards like Venari Crystalsmith and Venari Wavesmith valuable pieces to any deck.

The first DEC I earned actually went into buying a copy of each of the still in-print reward cards. The reality was that they were the only ones I could afford at the time. That being said, I believe that those cards will increase in utility once the Modern Format launches.

For example, I found the combo Protect combined with the Repair of Scavo Hireling quite valuable. This combo will only gain in utility once the Alpha/Beta cards are out of the equation.

Step 3: Looking for affordable out-of-print Reward / Untamed & Dice cards with specific abilities


After having bought a copy of each in-print Reward card, I started looking for other cheap cards on the market. By doing so, I found out that it was possible to add Monsters with helpful abilities like Inspire, Scavenger, or Affliction by only spending the DEC I earned.

I bought among others the Demented Shark (Inspire), Ant Miners (Scavenger), and Captain's Ghost (Affliction), all at Level 1. Those cards have helped me out more than once thanks to their unique abilities. Furthermore, they don't even require leveled-up Summoners to be used.

Step 4: Buffing the deck with Epic Monsters


Once the General Sale of the Chaos Legion packs started, I finally decided to invest some fiat into the game. Until then, I was buying cards only with the DEC I would earn while playing.

This is when I decided to buy a few Chaos Legion Epics to make a difference as they are not available in the starter deck. By spending less than $20, I got 9 Epics and 900 more Collection Power (CP).

I've chosen specific cards that were affordable and yet, could synergize well with the new Summoners. An obvious example is Prismologist with her 3 ranged attacks. The +1 range offered by General Sloan makes her very powerful.

Step 5: Renting the rest of the cards you cannot currently afford to buy (or are not on your priority list)


To me, Sand Worm is a good example. I owned the card several times the last few months but because it is so cheap to rent (0.1 DEC/Day), I’ve repeatedly sold it each time I needed to free some cash for other purchases. This is a card I want but unfortunately not on my priority list, which forces me to rent it for the time being.

Other cards in this category are Alpha & Beta cards that I cannot afford to buy but are cheap to rent. I currently have roughly ten cards that I rent for 0.1 DEC/Day. Those few more cards don't cost much but add tremendous versatility to your deck.

By following those steps, I believe you will be slowly able to build an agile deck to carry you further than you would have expected. I know that's what happened to me.

Best of luck!


For new players interested in joining this amazing game, you can support me by using the following referral link (at no extra cost to you!):


Thank you.


Good write up! Thanks for helping new players!

First time interacting with your Luke. Thank you for helping the Krills! I've actually started blogging on Splintertalk after I saw one of your videos on this topic. Thank you for your work!

Relentless thorough and methodical as usual. I think this type of content is key to helping new players get more out of the game. Great stuff Thomas.

Thank you for appreciating my content @bravetofu ! I just saw your message in your retweet, very kind of you! Thank you so much for the support!

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