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RE: The secret of @bji1203, the king of the Splinterlands. :)

in #splinterlandslast year (edited)

In every case he is a great player and that he dominates the leaderboard in that way cannot come alone from his cards cause there are other players who have the same cards. I am also curious if it's intention and instinct or artificial intelligence, but I guess in the end it's both.

Another point what make me curious is if it will a player (or more) who will be able to beat him - not in a single fight - this can do many, but in a season - we will see, but I guess in this season he will keep his first place till season end ... in the next season the cards will be mixed again.


Nothing is cast in stone forever. I guess that the more popular Splinterlands is becoming the more creative concurrents will be testing new ideas to improve their playing skills.

Yes in the moment he has problems in the leaderboard, "only" at position 4 in the moment and 256 wins in 359 is very good but last season with 293 wins in 375 battles was much better win-rate.

The th-bots have adapted to the new cards now. :)