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RE: Splinterlands : j'ai testé Mylor Crowling

in #splinterlands2 months ago

hi! im part of the @lensy team and i have seen your application to the whitelist, but i cant see any links to your other social media or to a portfolio, i just went through your profile here and see you are a photographer but for us to be able to whitelist you you have to add info to your profile before and updated it so the application can be seen by us with the info.


thank you but I only post my photos on hive and steemit no other accounts

i see but we need the links to your outside of Hive social media whichever you want to share with us just so we can verify you are real outside of Hive

I have a twitter for the blockchain and hive games and an instagram for my @phillarecette account but not for the photos (well phillarecette is culinary photos) otherwise too bad and good luck

Those are good! If you could just update your profile with them so that they show on our end that would be good.

Right now since a whitelist Photographer is a verified one we need to actually verified it 😅 that way pontential buyers dont wonder if you are real or a copy/cat that is all.

awesome i just approve you, you could also join in our discord server to keep up to date on everything Lensy