Land is getting cheaper😁

Greetings SplinterFamily😁

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all doing great in the lands of Praetoria, fighting and winning one glorious batlle after another, leaving the battlefield full of slain enemies...

As I wrote in a post last week, I finally decided to buy some land in Splinterlands, was lucky to catch an Epic plot, which made me hungry for more... So, a couple of days later I bought a rare plot on the #peakmonsters marketplace. I got a bit to eager, and forgot to make sure that I bought a plot with at least the build potion on it...therefore I got a rare plot with nothing on it...

I have been following the market prices during the last week, and it seems that plots are getting cheaper and cheaper. Maybe I should have waited to buy, could have saved some money, but in the long run, I think that I wll be absolutely fine....

Screenshot from the Peakmonsters marketplace webpage

As you can see above, common land plots are starting at around $55 without any potions....The price for a plot with the build potion starts around $65.

Screenshot from the Peakmonsters marketplace webpage

The rare plot are starting around $70 without any potions on it, and around $75 with the build potion on it. (I paid $85 for a plot with no potions..)

I think that in the long run, prices will be higher than now, if we give it a year or two...maybe more, but short term, as more and more plots get surveyed, the prices will be lower....The big question is, how low will the prices go???

I'm hoping to be able to pick up a few more rare plots in the $50-60 area, and maybe some commons in the $30-40 area. A few minutes before I decided to do this post, I saw a couple of commons listed on the marketplace at $45....ten minutes later, someone had bought them...

I would love to hear your opinion on land prices, what are your predictions, short term and long term, please feel free to leave a comment or two😃

In this post I'm only looking at common and rare plots, because I think that the rest of the plots are way to expensive. Not sure about the economics in this, but as I understand it, common and rare plots are just as profitable, you just need some more of it...

Would love to hear your strategy and predictions....

See you the the battlefield..

Well, that was what i wanted to share with you today... Hope that you enjoyed...

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