My SPLINTERLANDS State of Affairs(55): When Loot Chests Gets Dry, Try Opening Packs

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Greeting Splinterlands Addicts

When loot chest openings don't shine, it is advisable to search gold else where, like open packs.

Continuous drought from loot chest opening led me to open five promo orbs and I found gold there.



Daily Report:

  • Currently standing in Champion-II league at 4446 position.

  • Completed my daily quest with fire splinter.

  • Daily loot rewards were abjectly poor.

10 july loot.png


Guild Status:

  • I am a proud member of Neoxian guild.

  • Our Neoxian Guild is maxed and we stand at 4th rank.

  • We are getting 10 Shop discount and 20% dec bonus as our quest lodge is maxed.


That will be all for today!!!

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