Splinter Stats Season 39 Report Card

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SplinterStats Season 39 Report Card


Splinterlands & I have a long history. I was there with most of important milestones in Splinterlands. I loved opening packs, playing 1st matches, Guilds, anytime tournaments, trading and all the NFT related stuff. I've already claimed a few Land from the upcoming expansion for the game. I even have raffle tickets because I directly bought them supporting Splinterlands devs.

@kiokizz had made this cool new solution for Splinterlands players to review and reflect on their perfomance in each league. I didn't even know I had gone through 39 Seasons in the game. It's just I complete 1 season after the next.

Match Report


Diamond Rank330
Rating3100 - Diamond II
Rating High3100
Total Rating Movements (+-)4140
Ranked Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)1.27 (104/82/0)
Tournament Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)NaN (0/0/0)
Longest Streak6
Highest Rated Win vs@wolontariusz (3245)

Top 10 Summoner Usage

SummonerFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Daria Dragonscale5432.93%70.37%
Lyanna Natura3722.56%43.24%
Contessa L'ament2213.41%68.18%
Malric Inferno1911.59%68.42%
Tyrus Paladium1710.37%70.59%
Mother Khala84.88%62.50%
Zintar Mortalis74.27%71.43%

I've got Level 5 Daria Dragonscale. She is my strongest. No surprises here. I've got strong Monsters. But my Summoners aren't that strong.

Top 100 Monster Usage

MonsterFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Furious Chicken8551.83%63.53%
Sand Worm3521.34%57.14%
Sacred Unicorn3118.90%61.29%
Screeching Vulture2314.02%65.22%
Wood Nymph2213.41%50.00%
Creeping Ooze2012.20%75.00%
Elven Cutthroat1911.59%73.68%
Serpentine Spy1911.59%63.16%
Fallen Specter1810.98%77.78%
Bila the Radiant1710.37%47.06%
Javelin Thrower1710.37%41.18%
Divine Healer169.76%50.00%
Undead Badger137.93%84.62%
Twisted Jester137.93%76.92%
Goblin Thief127.32%58.33%
Halfling Alchemist127.32%58.33%
Nectar Queen127.32%83.33%
Prismatic Energy127.32%58.33%
Feral Spirit127.32%58.33%
Flesh Golem127.32%41.67%
Mushroom Seer127.32%50.00%
Haunted Spider127.32%83.33%
Skeleton Assassin116.71%81.82%
Kron the Undying106.10%60.00%
Phantom Soldier106.10%60.00%
Mitica Headhunter95.49%55.56%
Grim Reaper95.49%77.78%
The Vigilator84.88%75.00%
High Priest Darius84.88%62.50%
Diamond Dragon84.88%62.50%
Silvershield Assassin84.88%75.00%
Grumpy Dwarf84.88%37.50%
Kobold Miner84.88%62.50%
Battering Ram84.88%87.50%
Fire Spitter74.27%85.71%
Goblin Mech74.27%57.14%
Fineas Rage63.66%66.67%
Undead Priest63.66%100.00%
Undead Rexx63.66%83.33%
Oaken Behemoth63.66%66.67%
Dragon Jumper53.05%60.00%
Luminous Eagle53.05%80.00%
War Chaang53.05%60.00%
Child of the Forest53.05%40.00%
Silvershield Knight42.44%75.00%
Shadowy Presence42.44%100.00%
Air Elemental42.44%50.00%
Molten Ogre42.44%50.00%
Exploding Dwarf42.44%75.00%
Haunted Spirit42.44%100.00%
Imp Bowman42.44%75.00%
Spirit Miner42.44%25.00%
Lunakari Mistress31.83%33.33%
Silvershield Bard31.83%0.00%
Centauri Mage31.83%66.67%
Goblin Chariot31.83%33.33%
Bone Golem31.83%66.67%
Naga Fire Wizard31.83%66.67%
Lone Boatman31.83%66.67%
Divine Sorceress31.83%66.67%
Sea Monster21.22%50.00%
Spirit Druid Grog21.22%100.00%
Giant Scorpion21.22%100.00%
Light Elemental21.22%100.00%
Cave Slug21.22%50.00%
Giant Roc21.22%0.00%
Flame Monkey21.22%100.00%
Undead Minotaur21.22%50.00%
Scale Doctor21.22%100.00%
Khmer Princess21.22%100.00%
Serpentine Mystic21.22%50.00%
Ettin Spearman21.22%100.00%
Silvershield Sheriff21.22%100.00%
Zalran Efreet21.22%50.00%
Spirit Shaman21.22%100.00%
Goblin Shaman21.22%100.00%
Black Dragon10.61%100.00%
Sea Genie10.61%100.00%
Captain's Ghost10.61%100.00%
Tortisian Chief10.61%0.00%
Crystal Werewolf10.61%0.00%
Ant Miners10.61%0.00%

All of Top 7 are Reward Cards. See how valuable the card you get for just playing are. You could literally play Splinterlands like an investment.

Rewards Report

Standard Foil Cards
Total Standard522135
Gold Foil Cards
Total Gold00

Loot Chests

Reward ChestsDailiesSeasonTotal💲DEC💲
Legendary Potions1810281120
Alchemy Potions207271350
UNTAMED Packs1012000
Cards (Total)3517522135

Captured DEC (Ranked Rewards)

Ranked Play WinsDEC Earned

Total Ranked Play Rewards

Total Ranked Play Earnings
10254 DEC

Guess I haven't got much rewards this season in cards. That's fine. That's life & RNG. I know all of these will be worth lot more as time goes. There are going to be super rare going into the future.

It's cool to see the upcoming list of reports

  • Mystery Potion Report
  • Tournament Report
  • Cards Report
    • Combines
    • Burns
    • Bought
    • Sold

I'l be sing these reports when they get released. I'd like to thank and congratulate Splinterlands team & player community for creating world's #1 blockchain game without having to go through VC funding. We are a strong community and we're only getting stronger.

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All of Top 7 are Reward Cards. See how valuable the card you get for just playing are. You could literally play Splinterlands like an investment.

Nice point you make. As time goes on, we'll be playing just with Rewards cards 😆

We can still have 100% reward card teams that's very powerful.

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Looking at all these report cards, Brownie seems to be helping a lot of teams over the line. +1 to speed AND +1 to Melee. What's not to love?

Exactly! Depending on the rule sets Brownie is the MVP.

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