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For me, this last season was all about collecting all the Splintershards (SPS) I could. One of the best ways to get more SPS is to stake all you have, which I did. My new ritual is, play as many matches in the morning as I can to gather a last little bit of DEC, then shortly after after the Airdrop snapshot, claim my airdropped SPS and Stake it all. I'll be doing this every day until the end of the Airdrop next year.

Match Report


Diamond Rank561
Rating3001 - Diamond III
Rating High3010
Total Rating Movements (+-)2468
Ranked Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw)1.22 (62/51/0)
Longest Streak5
Highest Rated Win vs@fatimayamagishi (3055)

The Splinterlands server/database problems that hit us all at the end of the season messed up my plans to make it into Diamond 1 League this season. Instead of grinding the few hours of the season to reach the next tier, I was surprised to read that I only had a few minutes before the end of season. Oh well, tech problems happen. I'm just glad they got everything working again, and working pretty darn well, I might add.

Top 10 Summoner Usage

SummonerFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Alric Stormbringer3432.69%73.53%
Lyanna Natura3432.69%44.12%
Zintar Mortalis2524.04%52.00%
Tyrus Paladium65.77%16.67%
Malric Inferno32.88%33.33%
Mylor Crowling10.96%0.00%
Daria Dragonscale10.96%100.00%

Alric Stormbringer did a fantastic job for me this season, scoring a very impressive 73% win rate. That worked out to 25 wins he racked up this season which was almost half of my total wins.

Top 100 Monster Usage

MonsterFrequencyTeams FieldedWin Rate
Furious Chicken5451.92%50.00%
Javelin Thrower2019.23%45.00%
Screeching Vulture1918.27%47.37%
Ruler of the Seas1817.31%66.67%
Crustacean King1716.35%76.47%
Sea Genie1615.38%81.25%
Mischievous Mermaid1514.42%66.67%
Mushroom Seer1514.42%60.00%
Wood Nymph1413.46%28.57%
Spineback Turtle1312.50%76.92%
Haunted Spirit1211.54%50.00%
Creeping Ooze1211.54%66.67%
Mitica Headhunter1211.54%41.67%
Flesh Golem109.62%40.00%
Captain's Ghost109.62%90.00%
Prismatic Energy98.65%66.67%
Undead Priest98.65%66.67%
Twisted Jester98.65%33.33%
The Kraken87.69%75.00%
Silvershield Paladin76.73%28.57%
Nectar Queen76.73%71.43%
Kelp Initiate76.73%85.71%
Dark Enchantress54.81%40.00%
Skeleton Assassin54.81%60.00%
Lord Arianthus54.81%20.00%
Magi of the Forest54.81%60.00%
Earth Elemental54.81%40.00%
Phantom of the Abyss54.81%80.00%
Sabre Shark43.85%50.00%
Undead Rexx43.85%50.00%
Shadowy Presence43.85%100.00%
Gelatinous Cube43.85%50.00%
Halfling Alchemist43.85%75.00%
Phantom Soldier43.85%50.00%
Feral Spirit43.85%25.00%
Chain Golem43.85%75.00%
Lord of Darkness43.85%50.00%
Silvershield Assassin43.85%25.00%
Enchanted Pixie43.85%50.00%
Unicorn Mustang43.85%0.00%
Pirate Archer43.85%100.00%
Sea Monster43.85%75.00%
Wave Runner32.88%66.67%
Pirate Captain32.88%66.67%
Water Elemental32.88%66.67%
Elven Cutthroat32.88%0.00%
Battle Orca32.88%33.33%
Mermaid Healer32.88%100.00%
Ice Pixie32.88%100.00%
Goblin Sorcerer32.88%33.33%
Stone Golem32.88%33.33%
Highland Archer32.88%33.33%
Haunted Spider32.88%100.00%
Undead Archer21.92%50.00%
Beetle Queen21.92%50.00%
Serpentine Spy21.92%50.00%
Sand Worm21.92%50.00%
Magi Sphinx21.92%100.00%
Goblin Thief21.92%0.00%
Silvershield Knight21.92%100.00%
Silvershield Archers21.92%50.00%
Torhilo the Frozen21.92%50.00%
Swamp Thing21.92%0.00%
Animated Corpse21.92%0.00%
Cursed Slimeball10.96%0.00%
Goblin Shaman10.96%100.00%
Flame Imp10.96%100.00%
Fire Demon10.96%100.00%
Grim Reaper10.96%100.00%
Skeletal Warrior10.96%0.00%
Fallen Specter10.96%0.00%
Bone Golem10.96%100.00%
Khmer Princess10.96%100.00%
Silvershield Sheriff10.96%100.00%
Sacred Unicorn10.96%100.00%
Crystal Werewolf10.96%100.00%
Living Lava10.96%0.00%
Fineas Rage10.96%0.00%
Naga Fire Wizard10.96%0.00%
Divine Healer10.96%0.00%
Parasitic Growth10.96%0.00%
Peaceful Giant10.96%100.00%
Coral Wraith10.96%100.00%
Minotaur Warrior10.96%0.00%
Spirit Shaman10.96%0.00%

My big monster winners were all from the Water Splinter this season thanks to the excellent guidance of the Team Summoner, Alric Stormbringer. Sea Genie was the highest rated with a Win Rate of over 81%.

Win Rate by Ruleset

RulesetFrequencyWin Rate
Holy Protection1346.15%
Explosive Weaponry1346.15%
Close Range1233.33%
Noxious Fumes1163.64%
Reverse Speed977.78%
Rise of the Commons977.78%
Spreading Fury862.50%
Broken Arrows728.57%
Armored Up742.86%
Heavy Hitters757.14%
Lost Magic650.00%
Lost Legendaries666.67%
Super Sneak633.33%
Back to Basics6100.00%
Healed Out666.67%
Odd Ones Out450.00%
Aim True475.00%
Target Practice425.00%
Little League450.00%
Even Stevens450.00%
Weak Magic450.00%
Melee Mayhem333.33%
Silenced Summoners20.00%
Equal Opportunity250.00%
Keep Your Distance2100.00%
Fog of War250.00%
Taking Sides250.00%
Up Close & Personal10.00%

No stand outs in the Ruleset category this season. I did pretty well with Reverse Speed and Rise of the Commons, but got crushed by the rulesets Close Range and Broken Arrows.

Rewards Report

Standard Foil Cards
Total Standard603200
Gold Foil Cards
Total Gold22500

Loot Chests

Reward ChestsDailiesSeasonTotal💲DEC💲
Legendary Potions215261040
Alchemy Potions247311550
UNTAMED Packs0000
Cards (Total)4616625700

Captured DEC (Ranked Rewards)

Ranked Play WinsDEC Earned

Total Ranked Play Rewards

Total Ranked Play Earnings
18110 DEC

Reward cards were "Very Rewarding" this season. I flipped two Legendaries and two Gold Foil cards. That's the best card results I've had from opening chests in a long, long time. As for DEC, I didn't get nearly the amount I did last season mostly due to not getting a chance to finish the season like I had hoped and also because last season I had some fantastic rewards.

Rental Report

TypeDEC (fees)
Revenue1776.300 (88.801)
Cancellation Refunds0.000

I did get a nice amount from renting my unused cards. I've put a few more up for rent and there is such a huge number of new players in Splinterlands that I hope so see my rental income grow significantly in the coming seasons.

SPS Report

TypeAmount Claimed
Staking Rewards228.738

2524 SPS received this season. Since I'm staking all the SPS I get and saving all the DEC I can, I hope to see this amount grow as the year wears on. A year of airdrops! What a great way to grow Splinterlands.

In closing, I just want to say, "Welcome to all the new Splinterlandians!" I'm looking forward to facing you all in the arena to battle for fortune and glory.

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