ROI of Splinterlands Validator Node (including both SPS and Vouchers)

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Given that SPS Validator Nodes should soon be giving out SPS rewards, I wanted to give a quick update showing ROIs and returns assuming both vouchers and SPS rewards from Validator Nodes.

Couple of preliminary points before diving into the data:

  • The blue cells show current data, but you can make your own assumptions on where prices go and how many licenses sell to see how that affects ROIs (remember that as more licenses sell, the rewards are split among more people)
  • This analysis ignores top validator rewards (i.e. only looks at overall rewards)
  • The SPS:Voucher price ratio remains constant in this analysis at 0.106 (current)
  • The node price used for the ROI is $1763 (assuming full use of 500 vouchers)
  • These APRs do not take any additional potential airdrops or benefits into account (e.g. from GLS) as those have not been confirmed

Without further ado, here's the analysis (first one is $ in 1 year, second is yearly ROI%).

Yearly $ return for 1 node based on current SPS & Voucher prices


Yearly %ROI for 1 node based on current SPS & Voucher prices & current node cost


As you can see based on the current price of Validator nodes and the current price of SPS and Vouchers, the estimated yearly ROI is already >100%. While this decreases as node sales continue, it could be outweighed by increases in asset prices. Remember that node sales also reduce SPS circulating supply, as most of the SPS used to purchase a license gets burned and the remainder goes into the DAO. Note of course that the SPS:Vouchers price ratio may also change. The team has announced utility for vouchers which may cause short term pumps, and depending on the ongoing value of each token this ratio will certainly not remain constant over time.

What do you think? Will you be buying (or adding another) license?


I wonder if they are going to sell them until they are gone or if there will be a point where they just give up and burn the rest. I was able to pick up one license. I doubt I will be able to get a second one.

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Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Nice analysis! Thanks for sharing!