The Next 60 Days Are Critical For Splinterlands...

The next 60 days are going to be critical for Splinterlands and the future of the game depends on these next two months.

These two graphs from PeakMonsters tell the whole story.

Screen Shot 20210909 at 11.50.10 PM.png

The reason the next 60 days are so critical is, because all these new players have very few otpions for cards, and the easiest way to build their own deck is to spend a lot of money.

Although Gank has been showing people on the Splinterlands HQ Twitch Channel how to build a value deck and be profitable. Read about it here.

The higher the financial barrier and harder it is to progress, the shorter time people will spend on the site. It will be hard to get them back if they leave.

They're here now, they're new and active, and they couldn't have picked a better time.

Monday, Splinterlands is dropping new Reward cards. That is awesome!

That is a great way to help get new players some cards to start building on. I built my deck on a few Beta packs and a ton of reward cards.

The thing is, the reward cards benefit those that stay active. Splinterlands benefits when people tay active. It's a win-win.

After the reward cards, we have the Chaos Legion cards. The new series that is coming out and people will be able to buy packs. That is exciting.

If you hold SPS you will be able to participate in the presale. So... stake that SPS. Um... not financial advice!

We've had a massive influx of players and the game was designed to be able to buy packs for a few bucks and be able to build a deck. That has been missing for a lot of these new players.

It's going to be exciting when all of these new cards release and new players have a great chance to grow and even pull some gold cards. Wouldn't that be great? Will it happen?

Well, the next 60 days will tell the story. For me though, I'm a beleiver. I believe in the Splinterlands team and although the next 60 days may be critical, these guys have been knocking it out of the park for the last 3 years... I have no doubt they will continue to hit home runs.


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I appreciate the support!

Hopefully they start communicating with the customer base when they break things (like the game currently not playing on FireFox or WaterFox for the last 2 days, or the Splintertalk SNAFU), because they're losing players because of this poor communication - and losing potential players/investors as well...

Not to mention customer service tickets backed up 2-3 weeks, and tens of thousands of dollars stuck in limbo, while people get nothing but an automated ticket number email back...

I've gone from wildly bullish to extremely concerned myself. These are the behaviors that often precede full-on rugpulls... I don't think that will be the case with Aggroed & Matt, but this sort of terrible customer interaction has killed much bigger projects and businesses.

I agree there are a lot of challenges, but one thing to look at is that there was a roadmap. They've followed it prety close for years. Then we went from 5K active users to over 200K in less than two months. That is a huge inlux and they didn't have the staff ready to handle such a huge influx over a short amouont of time. It is incredible they are still being able to release cards and things work for the most part. I'm cutting them a little slack with all of the new players coming, but like I said, the next 60 days are critical... for solving the issues you have and other growing pains. I do not think this is a rug pull. I've been here for 2 and a half years, and this is a solid team and I trust they'll figure it out.