The Next Big Coin To Moon

in #splintertalk2 years ago

I always see posts on social media asking for the next big crytpo that is going to moon, and lately I've been responding one way.

When I see someone ask what will moon next... I say... "SPS & SPT"

When they ask why I go into a long winded explanation about Splinterlands and the community, but I'll leave that out here.

Screen Shot 20210911 at 6.09.06 PM.png

Think about this...

CryptoPunks and VeeFriends and everything else that is big in the NFT world is mainly because of the community that surrounds it. The NFT gets you access to the community.

For that reason, I think that SPS and SPT will be two coins that will moon. As Splinterlands grows, I fully expect SplinterTalk to grow. And unlike most of those other communities, they can't make any money until they sell their token and leave the community.

For SplinterTalk, you can engage in the commuity and it doesn't matter how many or any assets you own. In fact, you can make money passivly by engaging with other fans of Splinterlands. That is huge.

I don't a lot of people using Splinterlands have found their way to Hive and SplinterTalk, but they will and it will be awesome. All of the Splinterlands community in one place, earning while we talk and share about the game we all love.


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