Benefits And Damage To Bodybuilding

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Sport Bodybuilding is one of the types of sports that build the body and strengthen the muscles of the body and increase the weight and mass of muscle and inflation, and gives the person who exercise this body graceful and attractive appearance and muscles fascinated, the ideal body that many men want to get, Bodybuilding exercises and various physical exercises help the body to get rid of fat, burn calories and rid the body of grease. It also gives the body large muscles and is sedated and tightened, and this sport has many benefits and has serious damage and disadvantages like other sports and What we will learn in brief

Damaged bodybuilding sport:

Bodybuilding causes many diseases because the person practicing the sport depends on a diet that relies on dietary supplements and protein mainly and reduces the foods that contain carbohydrates, vegetables and fiber significantly, because the protein contains uric acid that affects the functions of the body and that the proteins Not easy to digest and affect the work of the digestive system and these diseases: -

Prostate enlargement.
Liver and kidney disease.
Hair loss and the possibility of baldness.
Inflammation within the heart muscle with higher blood pressure than normal.
The appearance of skin scars and the spread of acne and skin pills.
Severe pain in the stomach because of the difficulty digestion of proteins.
Infections of nasal bleeding.
Increase cholesterol.
Muscle spasms due to the rapid increase in the body muscles and the abnormal growth of the muscles of the body.
Causes a number of chronic infections of the body and this weakens the strength of the immune system in the long term.
Impaired vision and nerve and bone damage.
Increased risk of long-term fragility.
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Benefits of Bodybuilding:

The body gives a generally beautiful appearance to the body and muscles and reflects the masculine face of the person.
Helps the body get rid of back pain because of the ability to carry all different weights.
Works to improve mood, get rid of everyday problems and remove tension and anxiety.
Maintains skin youth and fights signs of aging and aging.
The sport of bodybuilding gives strength to the muscles and increases their elasticity and gives it an attractive and attractive shape.
Helps lift the body and get rid of fat that harms the body.
Avoid the body from many diseases so as to increase the burning of the body of sugar, fat and calories through the exercise and gives the athlete the ability to control weight.
Increase the activity of mind and the ability to concentrate and think because of the activation of blood circulation.

Recommended foods: -

And that's to contain vitamins and minerals that the body needs to build muscle.
Drink water in large quantities to compensate for fluids wasted by the body during exercise and play.
Milk contains calcium that is important for building muscle and bones.
Eat meat and fish of all kinds to help the body to complete the fullness of the muscles.
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