Every match will be like an away game' - Neymar expecting more hostile treatment from PSG fans

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Neymar was jeered at all throughout Saturday's match, and even when he produced a moment of magic by scoring the goal for them to win at Parc des Princes, the vulgar language never ceased. It was indeed a hostile reception from his home fans on Saturday.

After a hostile reception from his home fans on Saturday in a game against Strasbourg at Parc des Princes, PSG star Neymar has said he believes that every home game he plays will be like an away game from now on. But the PSG star undeterred by the reception says it is expected from now on.

This hostility comes in the wake of Neymar 's desperate move to return to Barcelona last summer in a deal which fell through. And the fans were less than thrilled to have the Brazilian back .

But would Neymar not have the final say as his stunning overhead kick in stoppage time gave PSG their 1-0 win. Yes Neymar might have the final say.

Following the game, the 27-year-old admitted that the reception he received on Saturday may become the norm with fans not over their star's desire to leave Paris this summer.
I understand the fans and I know that it was hard for them," Neymar said. "But from now on I am a PSG player.



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