50K Staked! SportsTalk Scores!

in #sportstalk4 years ago


Out of all of the Steem Engine based tribes that have sprung up, I believe that Sports Talk Social is the most innovative and forward thinking one out there!

That's right and that's why I continue to build my stake and hope to curate more and more fine sports posts!

I will continue to seek out quality posts for curation!

Keep it up, Sporties!!


Boom! Congratz! I'm inching closer to 100k and aiming for 1m over the course of next couple of weeks to a month.

100!!! That's awesome! I am hoping to get to 100 but it might be a slower than you getting to a million :0D

You'll get there buddy. I'll add you on my autovoter list to help you out a little :D

Your a champ, likewise!


I shall be rustling up some content today at some point, once I have found some punks who are stealing our SPORTS tokens with dodge-ball content.


I have found some content that I can produce!! I thought of it this morning!!

Get those links up and I will be downvoting!! :0)

Good stuff!

btw, boozing is not a sport, or is it :P

Boozing totally is!!!

Up there yes - more of a sport than haggis rolling :P

It's haggis fighting actually! Although that sometimes involves some rolling about. Bloody things are hard to kill!

Except you don't put Offal in those Haggis? Or maybe just a higher % of cartilage and bone. Grim!

Nice. Hope you can help us policing the place a bit as well.

I totally intend to, keep the place the way it was meant to be!!

It's really exciting to see what Steem Engine enables us doing. Here we are on SportsTalkSocial. It feels like the beginning of a new Steem journey! :)

I agree, it really does feel like a new steem journey!

@spamfarmer Hello dear friend. I hope you are having an excellent week
I share your opinion, of all the platforms that have emerged from our chain of blocks, ¨sportstalksocial¨ is the best, beyond compensation, sports and physical activity is something healthy and that you have to encourage
I wish you a great day dear friend

Hello @jlufer! Thank you for dropping by! It absolutely is. Genuine social interaction and interesting posts for the most part! Hurrah!

this scot tribe is looking the coolest so far lots of activity than regular steemit platform by the way congrats on 50k sports talk

Cheers, and yes, the activity is huge! Long may it continue!!

fingers crossed !!! long live steem

Hehe, yes indeedy!

Many congratulations on reaching new milestone that's huge :)

Cheers! Onwards and upwards!!! :0)

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Welcome to sportstalk, I think it's the best so far. Have fun.