Martial Feet When They Hit The Street #1

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I was inspired recently when I read a post by the fine @rezoanulvibes here

In it, he details a rather inconvenient truth for your average or even very experienced Martial Artist. He was referring specially to Aikido. But it is applicable to almost all martial arts.

So what is that truth?

Are you ready? It's a painful one...

Your martial arts won't work on the Street.

What?! Yes they bloody well will. I have trained for years and fought in competitions. I am Bruce Lee, hear me roar!

I hear you cry.

Something that is often heard in Dojo's and gyms is that the untrained, unskilled street fighter lacks the discipline of the trained fighter and can easily be taken down by someone who is proficient in fighting. Someone who has trained over a period of time in different attack/defense techniques in one more more Martial Arts.

It sounds right? So why would I say differently?

One of the best instructors I had when I practiced Muay Thai had a good take on it.

The thing about these street thugs is that they fight. They fight for real, some of them every weekend. Sometimes they fight for kicks and sometimes they fight to settle a score but the point is, they fight. How often do you fight for real?

He then asked us, a group of twenty odd young folk.

How many people have been in a real fight in the last year?

No-one raised a hand.

It's a contentious issue, people train every week, for many reasons but the ultimate aim for many is self defense. So am I saying your training counts for nothing?


Let me go back to my statement.

Your martial arts won't work on the Street.

Well, they won't. At least not in the way that many think they would.

But don't worry, all is not lost. In the next post we will discuss how they can and how they won't and even how they can make it more dangerous for you!

Note: I am not attacking Martial Artists, in further posts I will detail the advantages of training in a situation as well as the advantages :O)


How many people have been in a real fight in the last year?

That's the punch line. The situation can be totally different that you have never imagined before. Now the question is,
can you get out of there alive?

A martial artist has the skills to observe the situation and act accordingly. If you learn to adapt, you will always be unbeatable. Thank you so much @spamfarmer for sharing your thoughts about this. Looking forward to reading your next post.

Hey dude! Thanks for reading! It is exactly that thought, how to get out of it alive!!

My approach to situations that could end in a fight - talk or leggit!

I have no skills and am normally drunk when out in places where stuff like this can happen, but have managed to avoid any major scuffles thus far and am pretty happy about that!

Avoiding scuffles is what its all about!! Can't be having a good night ruined by smacks to the face!!!

@spamfarmer Hello dear friend. excellent post.
What happens with a martial artist or rather a martial athlete, is the way they educate him when they are taught the fighting techniques.

My son has practiced Taekwondo for many years and has taught them that he should never use the art of discipline, in a street fight, unless his life is in danger.

On the other hand, I have a brother who fights all the weekends in free fights and on one occasion I saw him fight with a martial disciplinarian, and he could do nothing against the techniques of the professional.

What I'm trying to say is that a martial disciplinarian is superior to any street fighter, if he decides to fight really.

I wish you a great day dear friend

A great day to you too and thank you for your input. It depends on the fighter and how long they have trained. It can be a sticky wicket!!

it might or might not work depends on the situation but will be looking forward to see the next post specially what to do in such situations

Ooft, I will be starting clear of explicit inductions what to do.. apart from run away but there might be hints! Cheers!

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