Introducing SportsPredictSocial, predict results of upcoming sport events and get rewarded with SPORTS tokens

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In collaboration with the amazing SportsTalkSocial platform, we hereby introduce to you SportsPredictSocial.

SportsPredictSocial is an initiative brought to you by @gotgame with special appreciation going to @patrickulrich of SportsTalkSocial for his extensive support in making this project come to fruition.

About the Project

SportsPredictSocial aims to allow steem users and sports enthusiasts be able to make predictions on upcoming sport events from a variety of sports and get rewarded for posting their predictions on the steem blockchain.

Using SportsPredictSocial, users will be allowed the opportunity to make predictions on future sport games just like it is done in traditional betting apps, only this time there are no odds and no losses per se, users will be rewarded based on the accuracy of their predictions.

Users can only make predictions on matches/events that will take place within the next 24 hours of the time the post is being made and after all the matches have been played eash users predictions will be evaluated for their deserved upvote.

Users must not submit a prediction post with less than five events predicted, a prediction post with less than five events will not be eligible for an upvote.

A prediction post must contain as much predictions as a user can make but the minimum is five.

The reward system is based on how much of the predictions the user gets right, so let's assume a user makes a prediction post with 10 events and at the end of the day the user only gets 6 predictions correctly. The user will be recorded a 60% prediction score and the upvote percentage is equal to the prediction score divided by two which puts the upvote percentage for our hypothetical post at 30%.

The prediction score is calculated by dividing 100 by total number of predictions in a post which gives us the weight for each prediction. So for a post with 10 predictions, we have 100/10 which gives each prediction a weight of 10% each. The prediction score is gotten by multiplying the number of correct predictions by the weight of one prediction, hence 60% for our hypothetical post.

For now curation will be manually done through the @gotgame account which has secured 1,000,000 SPORTS tokens as delegation from @patrickulrich but work is being done in earnest to switch curation to @sportspredict account and also to secure more delegation in STEEM and SPORTS.

SportsPredictSocial is free to use at the moment but very soon each prediction post will attract a token of 100 SPORTS. That feature is currently being worked on and will be added in a new update with a host of other planned features.


The available version of SportsPredictSocial at the moment is currently a test version, rolled out for the purpose of getting user feedback on improvements. So feel free to use the application and air your opinions about it.

In the next update of the app, there is going to be the addition of the

  • payment feature where users pay 100 SPORTS before posting a prediction
  • an optional commentary feature that will allow the users to express their personal opinions on a prediction post which will also be posted in conjunction with the users prediction post.
  • user prediction post list where the users can view a list of prediction posts they have submitted

All of these will be released in the next update which is going to be out soon. As of now, users are implored to use the application and expressing their views on the application and features they might like to see.

SportsPredictSocial Discord channel can be reached and joined by following the invite link below

We look forward to a swell experience with everyone and also hope that this is the start of something great.


In the next post, I will submit a tutorial that explains how the application can be used and its components/features for those that might have difficulties getting around the application.


Sounds like .a cool new idea!


reported to Steemcleaners as a phishing scam.

Didn't understand any of that at all! You want us to pay to post? LOL......Bizarre . Oh, and the App doesn't actually work? Totally confused.
And with all due respect, who are you?

As for the delegation. It appears all you have done is curate your mates posts and then send the profits to market?

This all appears extremely scammy.

Your App asks for username and password? What password?? Our Steem password? Are you off your head?

why the heck' is this post being promoted or asked about then on the discord chat? WTFFFFFF
In collaboration with the amazing SportsTalkSocial platform, we hereby introduce to you SportsPredictSocial.

SportsPredictSocial is an initiative brought to you by @gotgame with special appreciation going to @patrickulrich of SportsTalkSocial for his extensive support in making this project come to fruition.

thank YOU for bringing this to our attention, I have zero interest in it anyways and am very confused as to why this was promoted by some running for ref position/ leadership, ummmmm

uv Leeds on this on both my reg acct and sports one, Thanks for the heads up regardless of what is spun from it it sounds shady as Leeds said, imho
have a good one, don't put in keys....... nice to see the 'deli' was used for a circle jerk then profits sold , whatever, have a great Sunday folks

No SSL. We'd need to see info on the CA after the fix it if they even intend to do so.
Agreed with @leedsunited, nobody should ever put their credentials into this website until these glaring issues are fixed, and even then be careful.

Hello @leedsunited @battleaxe @reverendrum thank you for your comments. There's nothing to get worked up about and I would like to take this medium to explain to users of sportstalksocial and other sport enthusiasts on this platform that this project is as legit as it can get and the reason for any discrepancies was actually because the version that is currently live is only a test version. I didn't notice the SSL error early enough and it is currently being tended to as we speak and the password being requested on the login page is just your posting key, no other password will if it is not your posting key.

If you are not comfortable with entering your posting key for login it is perfectly okay, Keychain authentication has been moved up the list of features to be added and is the actual one being currently worked on, it should be added in a few days, you can wait till then before testing out the application.

Nobody's out to scam anyone as no funds has been requested from anyone up until this moment, the app is free to use at the moment but not for long. Predictions could have been free to make but then there are running costs to consider, as of now the app can still be used freely.

The project is far from done yet, it is a work in progress.

It is my sincere hope that you all can bear with me as SportsPredictSocial is still a one man show but this one man is working day in and day out to make sure everything is right.

Thank you so much for your feedback and opinions too, all noted and being tended too.

You all are the best.

@leedsunited thank you for pointing out a very real security issue on login. This was an oversight as the testing for it was completed on the direct server and it appears that @gotgame hasn't reset the certificate to work at vs the heroku app. The direct server can be used with SSL at

Even with a secured login page I agree there needs to be additional login options made available. Right now you can use a posting key (what I tested the service with) to make posts but you're still submitting that to @gotgame's servers. I've asked that Steem Keychain and/or Steemconnect be utilized for login in the future and anticipate that as one of the first software updates.

All this being said the site does work for creating predictions albeit still needing lots of work to be fully ready for regular users. I've personally been able to submit a prediction via an alt account that I tested with. Unfortunately it still has issues at the time where I was able to select far too many outcomes including opposite sides of the same matchup but none the less the progress @gotgame has made since first telling me about it has been amazing.

As for the upcoming payments for predictions I believe that stems from some of my suggestions off my initial usage of the app. I had recommend that there be a second mode with a running pot that users would have to submit daily matches for. If they get one wrong then they're out for that season. I suggested to let users pay a burn fee to skip a daily prediction in that mode and thus they could move to the next day if they weren't sure who would win. I assume this was what he was referencing in this announcement as my understanding was that the regular prediction upvote system was going to be a free system. I won't speculate too much here though because it's up to @gotgame how he'd like to run his app.

Thanks Patrick. I think that sometimes things get lost in translation a little so I am hesitant to condemn but even with the purest of intentions, the issue of posting keys into a website is a very dangerous thing to do.

I hope @gotgame gets these issued sorted and can come up with a secure and viable product.

Such a good initiative, i actually tried it out even though i made some mistakes before getting it right and finally had a submission after many wrong submissions.

Can you explain how you tried it out and how you logged in please?

Thanks for trying out the application, looking forward to more activity from your end.

Really impressive initiative, I will definitely take part in such sports prediction contest.

Awesome and brilliant initiative. I know this will also another blockbuster and give people opportunity to earn more reward

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I love this, congratulations

Awesone initiative. I love this and will definitely try it out

I LOVE this development and would want full betting with odds to be incorporated soon.

Congratulations @sportspredict!
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I have made predictions... How do I publish post???

Go to the tab View Ticket to see your predictions. You'll see an option to Create Ticket at the bottom of the post