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I can only Imagine what a world without sports would look like…Humm, ..I’d say that our weekends would be dead boring right? (EPL Matchday live on Saturday and Sunday is my favorite period of the weekend).

And I guess nothing feels better than you predicting a match score and you are right on point after the match. The same way, nothing beats that euphoric rush of confidence we all feel when we make some cool cash after watching your predictions come true and make that cash out online or at the bet shop.

Just so, we ought not to forget also the awful feeling when we lose money from a bet ticket only because a team like Barcelona decided to lose a match against..humm.. let’s say my “high school football team” on a sunny day.

In the heavily saturated world of bookmakers with their betting websites and shops springing up everywhere around the world, we bring to you, “SportsPredictSocial: a free fast growing and promising sports predictions platform for a number of different types of sports every one of us likes with absolutely ZERO charges involved when making predictions.

The users have nothing to worry about as every current and future feature of SportsPredictSocial will be governed by the Steem blockchain protocol. This ensures that every user of SportsPredictSocial is rewarded their due rewards without additions or subtractions.

It is no hidden fact that the sports betting industry has grown to become a multibillion dollar industry with more than enough money to circulate for us all.

But then, there are just a few people hoarding this cash (the bookmakers). We the bettors and users of their various services, continue to be deceived that someday we will win big which feels like Forever to almost everyone I know.

Of recent I watched a BBC Eye Africa documentary on Youtube titled “Gamblers Like Me” which covers a detailed investigation on the betting industry.

I got to learn that just Like every other industry, it’s got it’s good and the ugly sides. I got to understand the concept of accumulator bets (which is what most of us are used to) and I now have a clear picture of what sports betting is all about.

It’s all about Statistics!I also got to learn the fact that the youths of our generation are being exploited by just some selected few.

The algorithms used by the traditional betting companies are programmed in such a way that no matter how much the bettors win or lose, the bookmakers are always the actual winners in the long run.I say it is time we all take charge and turn things around.

What happens when we the bettors place accumulator bets and then one of the bets on the list of bets/predictions do not turn out true?

  • We lose Money! We lose hope! And sadly sometimes, people lose their lives. Yet, the bookmakers do not give a damn about any of these.

And who says you can’t make money even when you make wrong predictions?

  • SportsPredictSocial stands to stamp out the unfairness in the industry and provide an equal ground where everyone stands a chance to get rewarded. We are here with an innovation to say YES, we all can make money by betting/predicting even though we made some wrong prediction! We appreciate the fact that bettors are only human and our predictions are never always certain.

Do note that; Almost everyone around us plays “Accumulator bets” which offer users the opportunity to win a ton of cash– but at a greater risk.

It’s called an accumulator because the users odds increase as they add more bets to their slip, as these odds are multiplied together.

The problem, however is that only one of the bets needs to fail for the users to lose their precious bet. Most bettors go for it, because the rewards are far, much better than betting on individual bets only.

How then doesSportsPredictSocial stand out?

SportsPredictSocial uses the power of the steem blockchain to make sureour users get rewarded on each prediction post they submit depending on the accuracy of their predictions.

The users are allowed the opportunity to make predictions on future sport games just like it is done in the traditional betting apps we are all used to.

This time around, there are no odds and nobody is losing as it is a win-win situation.

Here is how it works with SportsPredictSocial; If a prediction goes wrong, our users do not lose out on getting rewarded, they simply get rewarded based on how much of the predictions the users get right from the list of predictions.

The amount of correct predictions from the list of predictions, will help determine the upvote percentage for that prediction post.

Reassuringly, no matter how small the reward for the post might be, the users can be rest assured that they will get rewarded as long as at least one prediction is correct from their list of predictions.

SportsPredictSocial allows you to check predictions made by other users if you are interested.

You can check out the introductory and tutorial posts on our blog @sportspredict.

How Do users get rewarded?

SportsPredictSocial is an affiliation project of SportsTalkSocial, which simply implies that users will be rewarded with SPORTS tokens for their submitted predictions.

Please note; Rewards allocated to each prediction post per user is going to be calculated based on the amount of correct predictions a user makes per post. For further and detailed explanations, you can check out SportsPredictSocial website and read through. Do not forget to follow the instruction given also

How can you become a member?

Need I say, it’s time to go crypto with betting/predictions. Old school betting is ok, but then you don’t get to experience the unique services rendered on SportsPredictSocial, if you are still stuck in that century.

To be a member of the platform, you need to register with your steem account. If you have one already, you can login here. And then, it’s pretty much easy to start earning rewards for every prediction you make.

If you don’t have a Steem account, it is never too late to sign up now.

To learn more about how Steem works and what it means to have a steem account, click here

We believe SportsPredictSocial, gives every bettor a clean and fresh start to make money the right, smart and easy way as we enjoy the thrills and downs of the sports we love. It is a platform where everyone gets rewarded.

The SportsPredictSocial team is excited and honored to have you with us.

We can assure you that joining the platform is one of the best decisions, any bettor can make to actually beat the odds.

We definitely are working towards making the platform better for all users in every way possible. Feel free to reach out to us.

Our team is readily available to attend to users, we welcome any form of suggestions, questions and comments on our discord server.

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Thank you


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