SportsPredictSocial Update: Steem Keychain Authentication, Prediction commentaries, Home/Away Team Identifiers

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Over the course of the last month we have been looking into ways to make the SportsPredictSocial platform more usable, secure and qualitative for our users. Today we are happy to announce to the SportsTalk and Steem community generally that Steem keychain has finally been implemented as an alternative form of authentication for our users to login and post their predictions.

Among other new feature additions, users of the platform can now login with the Steem Keychain extension using the same procedures that are native to Keychain.


Logging in with keychain on SportsPredictSocial is as simple as entering your username exclusively with no private key and clicking on the button LOGIN WITH KEYCHAIN to effect the authentication process.

We hope this new improvement will help to allay the fears of concerned members of the SportsTalk community regarding SportsPredictSocial in areas of securing the private keys of our users.

Keeping in mind that some users might not have made provision for steem keychain extension on their devices we decided not to make Steem keychain the sole authentication avenue for the platform, so users can still decide to login using only their private posting key and steem usernames should they wish to.

Prediction Commentaries

In order to improve the quality of prediction posts for our users and the community at large we decided to implement a feature that allows the users to add an opinion piece to every individual post.

So after any user must have made their predictions selections from available games, before they submit the predictions they have an optional opportunity to express their opinion on their selections. This feature was added in order to foster community interaction between users of the platform.

By using the commentary feature the user can let other community members know the reasons behind why they decided that a certain team would win or draw and so on.


Using the commentary feature is totally optional when making predictions, however any user that uses the commentary feature has the chance to get up to 15% extra in upvote percentage from SportsPredictSocial curation account depending on the quality of their commentary.

Assuming a user is supposed to receive a 40% upvote by default which has been calculated from their prediction score, if the user happens to submit a decent enough commentary alongside the predictions the user can get up to 55% in upvote for that particular prediction post.

Home/Away Team Identifiers

Leaning on feedback that got from some testers of the application most notably @patrickulrich, we also added a new minor feature that helps users identify which of the teams is at home the team that is playing away for every event listed.

This feature will help save the users the stress of having to do a third party research for each event while making predictions to determine which team is away and which team is at home.

Future Plans/Features

In the future, we are looking to add some new features that will further establish SportsPredictSocial as a standard steem blockchain dApp.

The list of future features being looked at includes the

  • Steem/SPORTS token wallet with the capability to send SPORTS and Steem, claim rewards, stake tokens/power up, delegate among other cool wallet functionaliities

  • We will also add feature for upvoting and commenting on prediction posts directly from SportsPredictSocial dashboard.

  • Manual curation is also a bit of work but in the very nearest future we will be implementing a voting bot that votes according to set rules of SportsPredictSocial.

We hope and look forward to continuous adoption of this idea by the SportsTalk community. In the meantime, cheers to everyone and albeit early, we wish you a merry Christmas in advance.

Website: SportsPredictSocial

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Great work Bro. Keep it up.

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Any plans to add cricket in the near future? The betting market on that sport from India alone is substantially larger than the majority of sports you have listed.

£4.3 billion was traded on Betfair for the Indian Premier League in 2018 - that's just 1 exchange for 1 tournament so you can see the potential.

The next IPL tournament starts 20th March 2020, it'd be awesome to be able to predict games via your platform and to share those predictions across the wider cricketing community on social media

Yes, as a matter of fact we are going to add more sports to the list of predictable sports on the platform including cricket. We started out trying to add all existing sports at once but we discovered along the line that all sports do not have the same rule of play so their games are not played the same way and the game results are not derived the same way . So we decided to firstly start with sports that are identical in the way they are played and the way results are derived.

Stay tuned, we are going to provide you a very customized platform for making predictions on events for any existing sport that you love including cricket. It is only a matter of time and that time is 'as soon as possible'.

It will also be nice to be able to share your predictions with the rest of the world via other social media platforms directly from SportsPredictSocial dashboard so we'll be looking to add that functionality as well

Excellent upgrades. I will pop over later and give it a try!! Keep up the hard work and best wishes :-)

Thank you @leedsunited, we look forward to your predictions on the platform. Cheers