Chelsea Vs Real Madrid | what a win

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Every chelsea player were really happy when potter got sacked recently after the team suffer lot of defeat under his watch which was really to much to bear for the fans, other football fans keep trolling them day and night especially if they lose another match or didn't perform well, at some point, I really felt for them even though I love some of their players like ngolo kante among others who just came back after suffering some injury. When Potter got sacked, we status viewer couldn't rest because it was everywhere and when we later find out frank lampard who was once a chelsea player will be the temporary coach for the main town, the fans were somehow happy even though they still want thomas tuchel.



I was kind of surprised when I heard chelsea will be facing real madrid tonight and I had to first check it out and I also happy because I must watch this particular match, I have been rooting for real madrid since the day of C Ronaldo and I actually love the team because I usually make use of them when playing pes, I saw a lot of status update about it, everyone siding madrid this time while tell chelsea fans to just forget about this match because they know madrid will surely defeat them so they can finally face Manchester city because city is currently on fire especially after they defeat bayern with 3 goals down, I miss that particular match though but if they get to face madrid, I will surely watch it. Today formation was somehow tough especially the one used by chelsea 3:5:2 so they could hold down the midfield and prevent madrid from really having their way in.

They really tried at first but lag behind which gave madrid the chance to score, they didnt expect it and wasn't expecting benzema to out freely like that plus the keeper couldn't catch the ball so benzema was at advantage and he score, I even thought they will have the chance to score back until chelsea defender received a red card, that really off me and I stop watching after the first half since I knew there is no way they will get a draw in this match, madrid will surely win as expected and they did with 2:0 down, another goal from asensio