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Hello Splinterlands Players!

I've seen on the official Discord so many players with questions about how the game works, mechanics and so much more.

Let's start with the important stuff! Your SPS airdrop!

You gain SPS by airdrop every day, for simply holding certain assets, in qualifying wallets.


How do you earn SPS?

You need to hold specific assets in one of the wallets. Personally, I hold all my assets in the Hive Wallet. It makes transferring items into the game, and back into Hive very easy. Make sure that you link you

Here are the assets that will generate you SPS airdrop points


Once a day, at the same time each day you will be airdropped SPS, bases on the amount of Airdrop Points. The more points you have, the more SPS you will get. The easiest way to earn airdrop points, is by owning cards, and having DEC.

Just click on the "claim" button once you get airdropped, and voila! You are the new owner of SPS!


It is easy and free to get started!

On my next blog, we will learn how to earn with your SPS!



Hello @ginger-bread! This is @indayclara from @ocd (Original Content Decentralized) team. We saw that you already posted your first post here in Hive! Congratulations and welcome!

Great to hear you are enjoying Splinterlands. It would be awesome as well if you do an introduction post. Information like who are you and where you're from, how did you discover Hive or who invited you, what types of content you want to see here and the types that you want produce, and what are your expectations in this platform. There's no pressure on this. You can choose on whatever information you would like to share. As a sample of what an intro post is, you can refer to this intro posts for reference Keeping Up With the Buzz - My Introduction to the Hive Community

If you're interested in other communities, you can check this out Communities Incubation Program. If you are looking for tips and information as a Hive newbie, click here: Newbie guide. Also, letting you know since content on the Hive platform is monetized, using other people’s ideas or images could be considered as an offense and which is also viewed in a serious light on the blockchain. Here is a useful collection of resources about how plagiarism and abuse is viewed and handled on Hive.

If you have questions, you can hop into Discord server and we'll gladly answer your questions. Feel free to tag @lovesniper @indayclara once you have made your awesome introduction post! See you around.