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You asked me to tell you how to post and curate content and get paid for it. I'm sure anyone else reading this will think I'm crazy but I'm also sure not every Splinterlands player knows that there is another way to make currency to spend in game!

First: a bit of proof that you can get cash for posts: Here is my post from Splintertalk.io. If you look at the post it shows I got 8 upvotes and 0.887 SPT. That means that in week my account will get about 0.443 SPT


But: I also posted on peakd and if you look you'll see that I have the same 8 likes but this time 0.31 HIVE in pending. So in a weeks time I'll also get 0.15 HIVE


If that doesn't make sense to you a little explanation. Splinterlands is based on the Hive infrastructure. Everything done in Splinterlands is actually piggybacking on HIVE. Sites like hive.blog and peakd give you access to all things HIVE. Splintertalk.io is only for Splinterlands related talking.

Once you get either your SPT (Splintertalk) tokens or HIVE tokens you can hold them, sell them, transfer them, or stake them.

Staking them is what I hope you do :) Once the tokens are staked then every time you like a post you will get a reward for liking (curating) the post and the author will get a reward for making the post.

If you look at my followers you can see that each one has a little bit of staked. It's only enough to give me 0.001 HIVE but it is something to start.


Now if you look at my followers on Splintertalk. Only one of them has anything staked (might recognize @hiveabbyftp as leader of the guild. So if he upvotes me I'll get SPT tokens, however if @terganmarket upvotes me I get nothing.

That doesn't explain how to post though.

Well. When you sign up for Splinterlands you usually use an email and password. However you have the option of requesting HIVE keys. Those hive keys are actually the password for all the different HIVE sites. hive-engine, peakd, hive.blog, splintertalk, tribaldex, and any other HIVE based site. Keep those keys safe and guard them well.


Personally I use the hive-signer browser add on and add the keys to that because it makes everything so much easier. I also keep paper copies of my passwords in one spot and digitally store them on a USB drive in another. They are very important.


Once you have them though just go to one of the posting sites and find something to talk about. Let the guild know and hopefully we all come by and curate you so that there will be some rewards waiting at the end of a week.

Then once you get those rewards, stake them, and come by and curate other members posts for additional rewards.

As a side note: Don't go nuts posting! HIVE keeps spammers and junk off the site by using a resource credit system. In short you can only post and upvote so many things so often. If you don't have much of their crypto your posting ability is limited! Just posting my previous post today has used up almost half my allotment for the day. Making up this post will use up most of the rest. It regenerates for free over time but it does limit how much I can actually post.

In short: Take a little extra time to post good stuff :)


Any questions? I'm sure there are lots. Reply to the post and I'll see what I can do to write more later. If you are still really confused ... well, I might just have to try to make a video and post it on 3Speak--> yet another HIVE based sharing platform that your Splinterland keys give you access to :)

It's a whole fun world here to explore!


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