in #sptlast month

How is it going guys, how are you guys doing today. Hope you guys are still enjoying your Easter break and I know your Easter celebration went well. Glory to our risen Lord, may his name be praised for ever.

I welcome you guys to today’s splinter land update; I know you guys in the splinter world is still battling and are getting better rewards by the day.
I have not been battling much in the splinter land so I have not been able to climb up to the champions’ league for some time now. I remember the good old days when I usually end up my season at the champions league, its always fun and filled with excitement more especially when the end of season comes up. At first the end of season rewards were ok but as time goes on the value begins to drop and then it was not encouraging.

But nevertheless its’ always good to feel like a champion so right now I am aiming the champions league and am hoping to get there soon.
Still rumbling some games at the moment and pushing my luck up to the top. I was given the life splinter card to complete my daily quest for the day.



Thanks so much for stopping around today, I honestly appreciate your efforts take very good care of yourself and enjoy your day.