Congrats to 5lhay.wam on WAX AtomicHub for Paying Attention and Winning Two 24 hour Auctions for $0.0025 Each-Gold Auctions Ending in the Next Three Days

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[Simply paying attention to AtomicHub live Auctions 5lhay.wam scored both of these cards for a total of $0.005-Congratultions!

Thanks to recent massive success the introduction of The Splinterlands' NFT minting with the WAX NFT partnership we need more auctions. So I will be listing 100 auctions (at least-very likely many more) ending in the next 100 days.
The initial wave of these 9 Gold Foil Splinterlands auctions will be ending within the next 2 days
Follow the link above ^^

These auctions will include:

Gold Foil TS Singles... Starting bid of 0.10 WAX ($0.03)

Gold Foil TS Lots... Starting bid of 0.10 WAX times per card listed

Single Regular Foil TS cards... Starting bid of 0.01 WAX (less than $0.003)

Multiple Lot Regular Foil TS cards... Starting bid of 0.01 WAX multiplied by quantity.
-These multiple single lots will include card quantities of 5, 10, 25 & more. Lots include singles and duplicates as listed.