Crazy Ability Time Vol 1

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Here is a chance for you to evaluate my personal crazy ideas for abilities down the road whether you like them or not. Share your thoughts on mine and of course drop a comment on your thoughts of your own.

My first edition for this category is the fake, proposed ability....


The ability is right there in the name. This ability would be a very wildcard addition and like many of the newer abilities it would be fitting to make this card a higher end card of an epic or legendary caliber in the first edition.


"A monster with this ability will attack the final monster that takes its final point of health. The match stops otherwise, the monster is given one health (similar to resurrect) but this monster keeps attacking in a retaliate fashion until this monster or the given monster that attacked it is eliminated from the match. If it eliminates the monster that initially took it out it then attacks as it corresponds with its ability until it's wiped out with its one health.

If the monster with this ability had melee, and then retaliated toward a ranged monster that exterminated it, then it keeps attacking until it's out of health or the other monster is done. But if it hits this monster and finishes the monster off then it would melee attack the front tank until it has no health left from thorns, retaliate, or whatever reflect or attack that would cause it to lose its one health to be extinguished.

This ability could be an absolute game changer that would be engaged either all of the time, or even half of the time if the game devs would consider 100% of the time making it an overpowered ability. In my opinion if you gave this ability an icon of a "lower-case b," it would open the chance to have an enrage + berserken, giving the monster the buffs that enrage would give them to make them absolutely raise some havoc on your opponent.

The devastating ability could be stacked with other abilities it takes on from the summoner used, the rule modifications of the match, or the team abilities gained from common monsters or even spells or crafting.

Give me your thoughts, I would be very curious on your thoughts in this proposed ability. Thanks for reading and keep on playing and having fun!


I like where you're going with it. I'd like to see it only triggered when any armour is also gone.

These high risk/reward cards are a lot of fun. The exploding dwarf is a great example of that along with last stand. I kind of root for chaos in matches being less predictable and more shocking and random. The game is definitely getting there. Thanks for the input sir best of luck on the battlefield.