Fun with Future Reward Cards in Splinterlands

in #spt7 months ago

What if there were a chance to obtain a 2-5 BCX common as a single card payout in a quest? What if you could win up to a level 2 card of any rarity based on the usual odds? Lastly, what difference would it make?

The difference would be felt by players in a few quite simple but direct ways. First, as cards are distributed say one third of the time as single, level 1 BCX cards there would be substantially less existing cards in the general card population.


For example, "Ettin Spearman is at 96.5% of its production total at the moment for the regular reward card. It currently has 106,706 regular singles of all versions from level 1-10. If that formula were applied there would be closer to a third, maybe not necessarily right at that amount of a difference of Level 1 single bcx versions of the card.

This creates a few dynamics one being single bcx cards are rarer. Plus there are less versions of the card floating around. Players are still likely to level up their 2-5 bcx versions just to hang on to the 1 bcx versions, basically because that is what an astounding amount of people are doing when you consider 28.73% of the regular versions of this card have been burned. The second dynamic is that the game would indirectly consolidate populations of cards to create a bit of manufactured scarcity. With an average of not even a 4 to 1 average of leveled up versions of this card that still exist demonstrates it's far too easy to obtain single cards for pennies for the existing players. Having some difficulty in obtaining reward cards based on how they are hatched fresh from the loot box is a good thing. Nothing easy is worthwhile in a sustainable sense in any real test of time or lightest adversity.

Secondly, the chance of obtaining 5 bcx reward cards in a daily quest, along with say a 5 bcx [untamed level 2 for reward cards],up to 4 bcx epics, and up to 3 bcx legendary cards... All possibly in a single quest would be quite a sea change for those that complain on "weaker rewards" could potentially pull something impressive.

There could even be a graduated system of making the higher level BCX less likely obtained at lower playing levels, say bronze 1-3 have less a chance to gain these 2-5 bcx cards than a Champion 1-3 level player, and so on.

To get really, really out there, there could be a gold foil possibility. More than likely not a great one of course, maybe the math would make sense to have odds at like 1,500,000 million for a max GFL to be possible, or something crazy like that. But you would always have a chance, though Lloyd Christmas may be the only person that really likes those odds, but they would be possible versus now having zero possibility.