Steem Monsters: New Ability and Feature Suggestions

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Hey guys! With Beta Packs selling out fast, I thought to myself we're gonna need a new edition soon, and with new editions there should be a fresh new set of abilities! With this in mind, below are a list of some abilities I thought might be cool to add.

Some of these abilities belong on a summoner, whilst others belong on a monster, some may belong on both!

List of Abilities

  • Healing Rain: Heal all monsters for 1 health per turn (ally and enemy)
  • Death Cloud: Deal 1 damage to all monsters per turn (ally and enemy)

Healing Rain and Death Cloud are triggered at the start of each turn based on the speed of the monster, if it's on a summoner then the order of triggering is random

  • Stand United: +1 health for each monster of the same element as itself (only ally monsters)
  • Trophy Hunter: deal 2 bonus damage to monsters with more attack than itself
  • Death bomb: deals 2 damage to all monsters upon death
  • Second wind: resurrects itself upon death (bring back with 1 health)
  • Thickening Skin: gain 2 max health for each round it survives as the tank
  • Execute: Instantly kills a monster that has less than half health, ignores armor
  • Tank Silence: silences the first tank at the start of the game, lasts until the silencer is killed
  • Stealth: cannot be targeted unless in tank position (but can still be hit by AOE)
  • Feast: upon killing a monster, gain 1 attack and 2 health

Gameplay Changes

With the introduction of Guilds and PVE soon, I was hoping we could have some more major gameplay changes. For Guilds PVE, I have some ideas in mind on how it could all work, but it's quite in depth so I'll leave it to another post. As for Guild Battles and Guild PVP, to make things more interesting perhaps allow players to craft runes, which are like abilities that can be triggered.

For example, a rune may have an active ability that the player can choose when to activate before a battle, for example a rune might restore the tank to full health and the player might choose to activate it at round 2. This means the at the start of round 2, the tank will be restored to full health. Each rune may also have a passive ability before it's used, like give all minions 1 health. This passive ability is removed when the rune is activated

Each rune may also have a window of use, for example before round 5, or between round 2 to 10, or after round 10, some may even be used at any time.

A rune that might give your team extraordinary passive power but the effect is something detrimental like gives your team +3 melee attack but deals 3 magic damage to all ally monsters upon activation might have a window of use for before round 5. This basically sets out a win condition of winning before round 5 or else you're screwed.

However, something really else like "give your tank double strike, +10 health, +3 speed, +3 melee attack, +3 magic attack" can only be used after round 10. Clearly, you'd want to draft a control style hand so your rune can activate before you lose.

This way you have clear goals and win conditions in mind when creating drafting your deck at the start of each battle.

Not gonna lie, I don't know if the addition of something like this would hurt or improve gameplay, so feel free to discuss this in the comments!

Why are runes only in guilds play and not in normal ranked play?

I actually wrote quite a lot for this section, but decided it doesn't actually make a lot of sense. The TL;DR of it is just I don't want people with access to exclusive and rare runes to be able to abuse them in the Ranked Ladder. My vision is that runes are something tradeable, but also rare and random. The passive skill may be something like gain between 1-2 health and the active may be something like deal 3-5 damage, so getting a top tier rune with the highest stats might be very hard to come by. This sort of randomness is good in my opinion in a PVE environment or a mass PVP environment, i.e guilds. But in competitive ranked play, I feel everyone should have equal opportunity to all the cards (we can buy any card from the market). Although I'd want runes to be tradeable, I imagine the rare ones with a perfect roll on stats would be extremely hard to come by, so only a small handful of people would have them. Therefore, it would be unfair if they were used in the normal ladder system too.

I have a few other ideas that relate to the Guilds ecosystem, especially PVE including a campaign mode or story mode kinda thing and how it could all work without being boring. If people are interested and actually read this, I'll take some time to post more of my thoughts and ideas!

All opinions in this article are up for debate, please feel free to disagree with anything, I'm willing to listen :)


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