Daily Report (September 25, 2021) - Day 37 with Splinterlands and Hive blockchain!

in #spt4 months ago

Hello Splinterlands and HIVE Community!

This is going to be my report from yesterday, just in case you are wondering about the date. Yesterday i finish my daily quest very very late, as i do struggle a lot with it and i was way to tired to be able to add my post.


I did have the Life quest for the daily one and i think it took me more then an hour to be able to finish it. I am still in Silver 1 as this quest keep me almost on the same position as previous day. I still hope that by the end of the season i will manage to reach Gold for the first time since i join the game, so exciting times...

Now back to the Daily Quest:


I would say that was a pretty decent reward. One rare card and some DEC, plus two lotions that will help me a lot once the the packs will be released. As well i will try to be part of the pre-sale.

Today i received another share of the SPS airdrop and i did stake it. As a matter of fact i did stake all my SPS so far!

Well i think that's all from my side...

Stay well and stay healthy and see you all on the Splinterlands battlefield!