Bzzzzzttt (the sound of the Electric Eeels kicking your a**!)

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Off to another Share your battle challenge from @splinterlands , with one of my favourite promo cards: the Electric eels!


Although water splinter favours magic attacks, I tend to use this card frequently. The reach ability from level 1 is pretty cool, but it's after level 5 that things get interesting:

  • Blast ability, coupled with 4 speed and 6 HP... all in a card with just 4 mana!!
  • At max level, 3 melee attack (+ 2 blast damage), with 6 speed and 7 HP!

All those skills in a low mana card are awesome: one of my favourite rulesets to use it is in Little league, it works perfectly as an off-tank. In melee only and opportunity rulesets, the speed and blast ability are a huge advantage as well!


Ruleset: Up close and personal - only melee attackers can be used.

Water splinter has pretty decent choices for this ruleset; used Daria as a summoner for the extra melee attack bonus for the water cards.


  • Sea monster as a tank: huge health, heal, and thorns
  • Electric eels as the offtank: manticore could have been used in this position as well (as my opponent did), but what the eels lack in HP they have in speed and blast.
  • Sabre shark: good speed and decent attack, although I don't have it at a high level.
  • Chicken doing what chicken does best: burner! :)

The opportunity monsters from my opponent got me a little worried, but their slow speed played in my advantage.


Electric eels were the first to strike, and although to opponent's tank had shield ability, it was enough to take out the armor and pave the way for a kill from the sea monster.


At the beginning of round 2, the manticore was out with the eels's strike, and the blast took out the chicken behind it.


And at the end of that round, only one enemy card remaining, making it an easy win! You can check the entire battle here!

How exciting are these times for Splinterlands? See you on the battlefield!

PS. maybe it was there on the challenge post longer, but only now did I actually read the thumbnail part (dumb me!), and saw the cool post @chrisroberts wrote! Thank you @carrieallen for sharing the link: made my first crappy attempt at creating one today! 😁


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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Yeah, everyone should cover their a**! now for the Bzzzzzttt sound.
Well done there on the battlefield.