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RE: State of the Splinterlands community + third party DEC update

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" By giving them an easy way start out without extending benefits for too long, they won't give up for getting only 0.001 dec for their wins. "

In my opinion it's not the point as this rewards increase very quick if you play and I think it's better to start low and come higher than to let a player win 25 DEC in EVERY of his first 100 matches and afterwards he will win less even in his won matches (and get only DEC if he win). In my opinion to add a pack or two is a better way and why not to add some potions ? Maybe also one mystery-potion, so that he see what he can buy with his DECs.


Dec gain only gets decent at bronze 1. A completely new player using only untamed level 1 cards is going to have a trashy time...

OK, but you think that's a good idea if a player earn in his first 100 fights 25 DEC everytime and afterwards maybe 0.1 DEC and this only in cases when he win the fight ?

Yes, because then he can buy a few cards to advance to silver, which can be done with just a couple of dollars. Level 3 Delwyin + lv3 commons = silver 3. Not like a newbie will know how to do this, but then there's the community he can ask.

Having some DEC also allows newbies to use the market a bit. It is obvious to us anymore, but when a new player first realizes the market is easy to use and not a scam, it is very relieving. The experience will also make it not feel risky to try learning how to get more DEC by having to trade for eth or steem first.