Djinn Oshannus: Portrait of a Titan

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Authored by @Sinistry

So after shitting all over Djinn Biljka BECAUSE HE DESERVES IT in SplinterChump, I decided it's only fair to highlight what a Djinn is supposed to look like...

BEHOLD Djinn Oshannus!!

The Blue-bearded Titan of the Deep


Djinn Oshannus.jpg


I'm so impressed with this guy I can't even think of witty ways to describe it. I don't need to. The dude is bad ass to the core. You gotta take anybody with a beard and mane like that seriously.
GOOD GOD! ~James Brown~

First, I really like the artwork for this one. It tells everything you need to know about this guy even before you see the stats and abilities, and OMFG do they impress.

Let's see what he looks like in his walking around outfit...


Screenshot (109).png




Just look at all that!!

Where to even begin?

First, this big guy doesn't come cheap. You're gonna have to throw down a whopping 8 mana to get him to even show up, but don't take that to mean he isn't worth it. The dude steals the show!

Let's take a look at the stats!

Attack: Magic

  • Damage: 3
  • Speed: 5
  • Health: 11

Those are some impressive numbers. This guy could step into battle with just that and be formidable, but there's so much more!

Let's keep it rolling!


  • Void: Reduced damage from magic attacks
  • Phase: Can dodge magic
  • Forcefield: Attackers with power five (5) or higher only do one (1) damage

Everyone is familiar with Void and how useful it is so there's no need to go overboard about it, but getting it with the following abilities makes it a whole lot sweeter!

Phase is one of my favorite new (ish) abilities. It's been around for a little while but it's not one that's so distributed I see it all the time. I really enjoy it with Nightmare in the Death Splinter but I tend to use Lord of Darkness so much I rarely get to enjoy it.

So, taking Speed into account, and the fact he can ignore some magic damage that might happen to hit him, he just keeps looking better and better. I use this guy in the first position from time to time and he's often more useful there than a legit tank!

"Holy shit!", you say, but that's not even the best of it. Check out the FORCEFIELD on this mother f**ker! Unmovable object!!

This is one of my favorite abilities to see in action. There's little sweeter in life than watching a buffed Hydra bounce off having hardly left a scratch. I'll try to find a match that highlights it but this one doesn't. It instead highlights how well put together this dude really is. Let's check it out!

Here's the line up!


Screenshot (107).png


Maybe @oriridragon has seen some of my previous post, wherein I preach the Gospel of Speed, or perhaps he figured it out all on his own (Kung Fu Panda-style WAH CHA!! BA DOOSH!!), but either way I had reason for concern when I saw what he brought!

Dude out-preached me in my own church...

With a whopping +6 speed adjustment to my ambitious +5.

On top of that he let me know he meant Byz-iness right away when he slammed his Kitty down on the table in his most impressive LBJ!*

But I wasn't scared! I didn't show up hoping that punk bitch Djinn Biljka would stick around long enough to scavenge my corpse. I brought a real Djinn and by God he lived up to the hype!

Check him out in the heart of battle!


Screenshot (108).png


Screenshot (110).png


Even slowed, weakened, and blinded he hardly even noticed he was in a fight. He took far more hits that I expected, but he took them like a champ and gave back worse.

If you're taking notes, you'll see this battle included the Enrage rule set. It wasn't an accident I chose something already fast for the front line. I knew once he bled nothing would touch him again.

As indicated above, that didn't prove to be completely true, but it proved true enough. He won the day and damn near stole the whole show.

This is what we should expect out of a Djinn, not some hide and shite chump like the Earth Splinter is rolling with.



Screenshot (112).png


So that's it, man! This dude is MAGNIFICENT!!
Everyone avoid him like the plague so I'll have the only one! ;P

Splinterlands logo.png


  • Quick history lesson for those who might not know...
    Former American President Lynden B. Johnson is known for just whipping IT out, for just about any reason or none at all, ...certainly not one that's good enough, some might argue, but it happened.

I think one time it shattered peace talks and conquered a nation in one fell swoop (lol), but I'd have to double check that.


Impressive, most impressive! I knew he was a badass, but when you added the Kitty into the mix he really shines. I !LUV how he doesn't even blink when facing all that firepower.

!BRO He could only shine more if they had bumped up the mana cost and given him enrage so he could revel in the chaos for every battle instead of having to wait around for the perfect ruleset.

This dude has the potential to be even more OP than Lord of Darkness when the conditions are favorable.

True, but I like that they don't make every Legendary card OP. Otherwise it just becomes a contest of who has the most max level Legendary cards.

Yeah, I was just saying... this guy is gonna be on somebody's shit list such that we see noobs in chat demanding it be removed, LMAO....Ahhh, noobs. Gotta !LUV 'em!






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