How to find the sum of the transfers from (or to) a steemit user

in #spt2 years ago

Recently I need to know how much did I get from a week of membership in Of course, one could just open steemit wallet and calculate it manually but I have found the better way a handy tool:

The SteemIt – Advanced Steem Account Transfer Viewer

from @justyy. He wrote a post about it about a year ago and I guess many users like me miss it somehow.

As you will see on the screenshot, this tool is very easy to use:


Unfortunately I did not found the total sum there that is a bit strange but if you have MS Excel or LibreOffice Calc or simply use Google docs soft it is not a problem - just select with mouse the data you need, copy/paste them in MS Excel and it will calculate the total sum of transfers.

Hope this info will be useful for someone.

P.S. By the way, I got 1.645 steems for just playing steemmonsters for a week of membership :) It is not as much as I wanted, but as it was only for 14 battles (I had little spare time last week) it is better then nothing :) . So I advise you to join too because it gives many opportunities...

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