An Awesome Battle | A Surprise Restriction

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Some of my splinterlands battle this season do came out really well this season and I was really impressed with the win so far unlike the previous season and first time in history, I was able to reach diamond rating 2800 with just 8 days left to end the full season, I think the new energy implementation even though it has some disadvantage by limiting players and preventing them from playing ranked battle if they exhaust their energy and to top it all, the price to buy energy is vary to high because from my end, 1 energy is around 150 dec which means i will have to spend 7500 dec just to get 50 energy if I want, instead I have to wait for hours so it can accumulate, the only positive part is that you have to think twice before you make your selections because you want every battle to at least be a win since every energy count now.

During one of the battles, I will love to share one that really caught my attention and I had to give it my best setup while following the rules which was given, Heavy hitters which give all the monster card the knockout ability, this can only work if you stun an opponent card, also is the equalizer give all cards the same maxed health and lastly is the up close and personal which only allow melee attackers in the battle. Out of this rules, only two work together since there is no chance to stun a cards in this battle. The mana was way enough (55) and we could only picked from fire and life element, I already rented Jacek before the battle so I went all in with fire, but since it is a only melee fight, the only strategy I can think of is to reduce all my opponent attacking stats which mean, I will have to use most of my cards that have the demoralize ability.

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In this kind of battle, that is the only way to suppress your opponent, so with my summoner, the speed and piercing is really needed to buff the setup so I picked Grum flameblade, fineas rage, tenyii stricker, sandworm, disintegrator and legionnaire alvar which have the demoralize and void amour to secure the back and hold in any sneak attack. I was surprised when my opponent almost had the same idea, he came up with the same summoner, 3 of my cards and 3 extra amazing cards but the demoralize ability spoilt everything for him because I was able to reduce his attacks by -2 and luckily for me, he didnt bring in any. That make the battle way easier for me and I was able to destroy his card and won flawlessly.