Chimney Wallstop | Standing Strong As A Frontline

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One battle I love partaking in is during the guild brawl period and that is based on the fact that we have to flex our muscle and make use of all most of the cards especially gladiators in most battles. Even though I'm still building up my gladius deck, they are still up to some extent just that I'm still eyeing those legendary gladius pack but our guild store isn't yet leveled up to lvl 6 yet which can give the guild member the access to guy some bloodmoon stone (just like portions) but I hope we will reach that point one day since the guild is a work in progress. During the previous guild battle, I entered one battle that I was really impressed about and it was also because of this particular gladiator monster card Chimney Wallstop which I rarely noticed in my collection.

I was lucky in one of my pack openings and met the card in gold form which up it to lvl 3, a 10mana based melee monster card with some amazing strength and the Reach ability which allow it to attack from the second position and also the blood lust which give it +1 in all stats anytime it destory any cards. So most times, if I want to use this cards, I do love using it with the piercing ability any time I have the chance. So in this brawl battle, we were given a high mana capped match (57) which was really cool and we also have the Holy protection which give all cards the divine shield ability, taking sides which wont allow any neutral cards in battle and lastly lost magic rule which prevent us from using magic cards. So this rules, we were left with melee and range cards, since we could pick from fire, life and earth, I had to go with fire because I have strong range cards in that element, I might have picked earth if we have access to use magic cards.

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Since I decided to use the fire element, I picked up jacek as my summoner based on those amazing abilities attached to it and I use Grum flameblade as my summoner followed by chimney wallstop to support it, this gave me the chance to use 2 bloodlust ability monster cards in a battle and both are really strong. while selecting, I mistakenly use radiated brute instead of tenyii striker with the sneak ability but that still didn't spoil anything, so I went ahead to select my range cards and I picked Molten Ash Golem, Lava launcher and finally countess sinach to add extra speed to my selection because I really need that speed. My opponent really try tried his best with his selection but it wasn't just enough even though he was able to destroy my Grum flameblade card as my frontline but Chimney really hold that position well. It was really a well deserved win you will love to check out