How I Sort Out Snipe Rule | Using Up Non- Attacking Summoner Strategy

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Having the snipe based rule at times in battle always give me some kind of joy and it not always because I know which strategy I will love to use but because it is way easier to decode what my opponent might be making use of in such battle. It is really funny because that particular moment is when they will always think of their magic monster cards, The snipe ability allow the monster cards to target any magic, range or non attacking monster cards that are not in the first position which the first monster card with this stat that isn't in the first position will be the first target. Whenever I see this rules, I always know it is best I use my strong magic or range cards but since I know the opponent will want to use the same, I always check out my counter current strategy.

In this kind of rule, I have two strategy which I can use in against this rule, one depend on the element available to use and the other doesn't depend on anything but the other rules given, I will talked about the second strategy and leave the first for another time, one of the strategy is where I use a healing non attacking monster cards in my 2nd or 3rd position before using any magic or range cares, this allow this card to take all the damages and even heal up at some point, just like the image and link below

Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 23.04.49.png

battle link

This battle that I had today, we had the target practice (snipe rule) coupled with silence summoner which prevent any buff or debuff from summoners and also the stampede which allow trample monster cards to deal extra attack if they destroy any monster cards. I actually neglect stampede in this battle, actually we both did and we focus on the snipe rule and it was really funny when we both use 2 melee attackers, and magic cards all through except the part where I use Gelatinous cube in the 3rd position just to sustain the attacks while healing up and I didn't make use of other healing abilities to support it but it still work out and he wasn't able to even destroy none of my cards while I defeated him brutally.

The question is, will you love to recreate this strategy or what will you say about it?