Bot service price change

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Bot VN service

The price change start from to day. 1 Account sliver 70k dec & below power cost 2usd. 3 account cost 5usd a month
1 gold account 100k dec cost 3usd. 3 account cost 8usd a month
1 Diamon & Champion 250k dec cost 5usd. 3 account cost 10usd a month. For every 9 account the nr 10 will be free.
you dont have to stop playing the game or leave the game use our service to make your account runing when you dont have time to play or when you are on vacation use us to play and earn for you. Then you can leave the service agin if you want play it by your self.

here a small tournament to anyone who want join.

more info dm vcdragon or join discord.