Sticking together for Ukraine.

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The situation isn't getting any better. For those who got out in the first few days, the nightmares may not be as gruesome as it is for the ones who got out later. My city, my love, Kharkov, is no more. The once blooming city that made me who I am, where I had my home, my life, my friends, everything, is now being turned into dust. But there are still people that need my helpp.

Even here, in safety, things are hard. I am trying not to focus on my hardships because I am a guy and I will somehow survive even if the help I am currently getting stops. It is much easier for a guy to pan handle than it is for others. Last night I met a single mom here, she has a baby and can't leave her to go out and buy essentials. I bought her these disposable undermats. She can't even leave her baby to go grab the free ones. I think it is important for us to be there for each other.


It might not be the biggest thing or the most generous, but I hope it does lift off some weight from her shoulders.

On the other hand, I have hardly kept in touch with anyone. That is because I am constantly online whenever possible and dedicate my time to the people that are trying to evacuate. I think you and I have a very powerful tool in our hands, our phones and the internet. There is so much information you can obtain that could help someone find shelter and safety.


As of now I am in contact with over 7 volunteers both inside and outside Ukraine. We are working together solely focusing on people that need help to survive in Kharkov or get out of there. Trust me, it is not an easy task. I have been on this drive to provide all help I can since 12 days now. Also, there is a lot of trust issues, naturally. But I have found a couple of people I can trust and I have found results from. Sometimes the conversations are just as long as sending a number and a name. Sometimes we have to group up and figure things out.



I hope you understand the obvious reason why I have to hide a lot of information and names. But there are so many angles to this. These are brave heroes within Kharkov who are keeping in touch with other heroes for information and resources, there are heroes who are literally risking their lives by going out there on the roads that are being shelled and attacked to either transport people or food and medicines. I have some help from hive so I can continue focusing on Ukraine for now. Thank you guys.

All these people are within kharkov, and two, including myself, outside Kharkov. We are working as much as we can and there are people who are directly receiving the benefits of this effort. I implore you to try your best (if you want) to find information and pass it along. There are lives at stake here. One of my closest friends broke yesterday and he decided to join the army. It is horrible whats going on. But we can stick together and fight this illegal massacre, genocide, invasion in any way we are able to. Information, resources, charity, every bit helps.


Thank you for your unending support, any and all help is welcome.
Slava Ukraina!


I'm glad you are able to help! My prayer is that this slaughter ends soon 😢

Me too. But the harsh truth is even if the slaughter ends, Ukraine will not be the same anymore. My neighborhood has already been turned to dust.

Bless your heart and stay safe 💙💛🙏🏼

Bless you!

Thank you for everything you are doing to help support and rescue those who are in need.
One small act of kindness at a time matters!

Praying for peace in Ukraine!

Keep safe, stay strong and be careful!

One small act of kindness at a time matters!

Yes! I have received so much. I can't thank everyone enough.

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keep up the immense work my friend
You are doing the job of heroes x x

The heroes are in Ukraine. I am just drowning in survivors' guilt.

Please don't do that as it's not right. You're not guilty of anything! Getting out of Kharkiv was the only option to survive. You know best so don't torture yourself.

everyone is a hero who can live with love and courage through a time of tragedy

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The rest of the world is aghast at the situation in Kharkov as well.

What you are doing to help is immeasurable. No act of kindness is too small, I'm sure.

Please My Brother! In what ever you do, always make sure you're safe okay, God bless you.

You are well done!!! I will periodically send you small sums of HBD, I think you can find a better use for them by having those contacts with volunteers that you write about. My respect.

Please do not send anything. You need it right now. I will not accept anything you send, with respect.

As you know, I didn't mean to offend, with respect. :)

Of course, I always had and will have massive respect for you. You already know that.

even more of a reason for us to help Ukrainians who are under a false flag

i would want help if thee US was bombing its own citizens

oh wait

dude i know

but we cant say what your saying because joe biden is controlled by china

so who are we gonna complain to? the comizar so he can put us on a list?

we have to go underground and slit their cybernetic throat in an alley and just erase everyones memories with mk ultra and erase them from history like a real fallen angel