My Wartime Diary. One Month

in #staywithukraine3 months ago (edited)

A month has passed since that terrible day.

On that night, I woke up without a reason. And in a few minutes I heard the roar of flying planes and the howl of an air raid siren.

  • Today, it was the first night in Kyiv since that day, when we had only 1 air raid. I was really surprised with that, even opened news to check ... but no, it's not over. Peace has not come. But I know it will come. We will conquer our freedom and the right to life, again. For a good, peaceful life.

  • Yesterday, when the smoke almost cleared, I went out to the tiny square park located next to my place. I just walked along the paths, sat on a bench, rocked on a swing. Talked to my colleague, and she briefly told me her story of leaving her home and left all her life behind just on her birthday, when russian troops start shelling their small city of Bucha. It all took about 15 or 20 minutes, but seems so long. It was my first #WednesdayWalk over ... ages.



  • I received the first transfer of 650 HIVE from @hivebuzz-ua team. This is a receipt from NFT badges introduced 2 days ago bought by our Hivians! YOU ARE AMAZING PEOPLE! It is really a great honor for me, and a great responsibility.

  • Today I spoke with a volunteer who works in Kyiv and the suburbs. She said that the income from donations has decreased, so these funds are very helpful. Another exciting news - her cousin is volunteering in Kharkiv, preparing and distributing food to those who need it there. I am also waiting for the reply from a volunteer who delivered baby food to the Chernihiv region. I will publish a report on the use of these funds.

  • Nick has sent me flowers this morning. Aww, this is so sweet 💖


  • Smoke is in the air again. I got up early and went to Auchan for food. They changed their work hours from 10 - 15 to 9 - 16. It turns out that now people are not allowed to stay in supermarket during an air raid. They should hide if possible. This rule applies to all cities. Many Ukrainians are boycotting the Auchan and Metro networks. Unfortunately, there are not many supermarkets left in Kyiv with sufficient availability and assortment of food. Oh, and they have no place to hide for customer so they have to go outside. I do not see any point in this, except that the supermarket disclaims responsibility.

  • For a week now, there are a lot of posts in my news feed about the search for the missing. People are searching their relatives, children, it's just heartbreaking. And very reminiscent of the postwar period after the WW II. How could the descendants of people who survived that terrible war do the same again with those who fought with them on the same side? it blows my mind...

  • My neighbor, whose father is in the hospital, asked me to donate blood. I will go there tomorrow morning. This will be my first time and I really hope that I can be a donor.

  • It started raining. The first rain this year. The sound of raindrops is masking the sounds of war and even an air raid, a little. I hope there will be less smoke in the air after the rain.

  • I can’t decide if I should save or vice versa? I balance all the time. Well, you know. You save beautiful clothes, expensive dishes, some delicacies or whatever for a special occasion. And then I catch myself thinking - what if I don't live to see this special occasion? Who am I saving this for? On the other hand, who knows what I'll be left with after the war? This is how I live, in hesitations.

March 25th.

  • It is a weird day. After the last air raid clear at 00:30, we had a quiet night, until 6:40. But since that, air raids keeps repeating with a break for maybe 30 minutes. The last one lasts almost 4 hours. I'm staying at home, but I have time to work.

  • Today @hivebuzz-ua has collected 695 HIVE!!! I contacted another volunteer, amazing guy and a lead of a group of 18 people who are helping with medicine purchase and delivery. I will make a separate post with the report tomorrow.

  • My today's blood donation failed. 😕 And this is my fault. I had a terrible cough yesterday in the evening. Probably, it's because of a smoke and bad air. In addition to fighting in the north of Kyiv, the invaders got into the oil depot in the south, so the authorities recommended everyone to close the windows and not go out. But I went out to see a rehab specialist. Anyway, I hadn't medicine to stop the cough. Hot tea didn't help me either, but I recalled about old recipe - a warm milk with honey. And it did help, and I could sleep. But... In the morning, I realized that milk is forbidden to drink 24 hours before. So... I have another day on on a carb diet, as I have no lean boiled meat or fish. Hoping to get there tomorrow.

  • Nick didn't call all day, so I called myself. We have strange conversations with him. We want to share a lot with each other. But we're not sure what can be said on the phone, so our conversation sounds strange. He said that he dreams of spending at least one night at home in bed. Meanwhile, air raid all clear, I'm going to take the opportunity and sleep in bed. 😴

March 26th.

First of all, I want to share what did we purchased for Nick's Territory Defense Unit. This is where I spent crypto that you donated directly to me plus payouts from my posts.

Army unloading - 6, uniform - 2, T-shirts - 18, tactical gloves - 4, backpack -1. Next week we need to find shoes for the guys. It was -11 a month ago, but today we had +15.


  • I finally became a donor! It was a new experience for me, and I was a bit worried. My neighbor took me there and back, so I didn't have to walk with a heavy backpack on my back. Yes, my alarming backpack is heavy and I always carry it with me. But, today I finally put on my casual cloth, for the first time. Before that I dressed like a stalker. So. Here's what it looks like. They measured my blood pressure. Then gave me a questionnaire to fill out. Then they took capillary blood sample from my finger. I have been afraid of needles since childhood, but this time I was good. Then, in the cafeteria, I drank (very) sweet tea with cookies (I don't like sweet tea, but it's a necessary part of the process). Finally, I went to the large blood sampling room.



Did you know that one dose of 450 ml saves 3 lives? I did not know.

It seemed to me that the procedure took less than 10 minutes for 450 ml. I didn't have time to get scared.. I expected dizziness or nausea. But I didn't feel anything. I did good! Anyway, today I'm staying at home. Finally, I can eat whatever I want!

  • There is a storm wind today. Everything that is poorly fixed in our old house is pounding and rattling. In addition to the already familiar sounds of shelling. Tomorrow is another day...

I went out to the tiny square park located next to my place. I just walked along the paths, sat on a bench, rocked on a swing

It's good that you can go out for a walk and chat with your colleague. All these little things we take for granted, I'm sure is now a luxury in life for you. As always, take care and look after yourself.

By the way, I went out for a walk as well yesterday. This pier by the seafront is the landmark in our town.

Aww, this is soo sweet! My friend in UK says that there are a lot of Ukrainian flags about there.

It's good that you can go out for a walk and chat with your colleague.

This simple things really helps me not to get depressed. Even a short walk or a ride for a food make me feel better. 🙂

There's a charity concert in UK next Tuesday and I just saw Antytila produce a message asking to appear on it. I wonder if it will be broadcast on internet, hopefully you will be able to see it.

How exciting! I watched their promo. Well said. I hope I'll find the way to watch it too, if possible.

Thank you! 🖤

It always makes my day to see a new post and update to know you are safe! @zirochka

It's hard to believe a month has passed since the first day the war started and even more heartbreaking to see the continued losses of lives and massive destruction caused by the evil Putin.

I'm glad you were able to get some fresh air and enjoy talking with a colleague at the park. If only for a short time everything seemed normal. The flower photos from Nick were very sweet and thoughtful!🌻💜🌻

The huge outpouring of support in only two days by members of the HIVE community who purchased the Ukraine NFT for Peace badges created by @hivebuzz-ua as a fundraiser should come as no surprise. I know you will put the funds to good use and more will come in the days ahead!

Peace has not come. But I know it will come. We will win our freedom and the right to life again. For a good, peaceful life.

The strength, perseverance and unity of the Ukrainian people will pay off and peace will return to your country. Praying for the safety of you, Nick, Nat, your mom, and friends. Sending you cyber hugs! !LUV

💙 💛 🇺🇦 🙏 ☮ 🕊🇺🇦 💙 💛

...Люди розшукують своїх рідних, дітей, просто серце розривається. І дуже нагадує післявоєнний період після Другої світової війни. Як могли нащадки людей, які пережили ту страшну війну, зробити те саме з тими, хто воював з ними на одному боці? це вражає мене... --- це не вміщається в голові та серці!!!! --- як могли???!!!!
Поки діти Сатани не будуть знищені на цій Землі, і СВІТЛО не очистить кожен закуток...
Твоя кров врятує життя людей і це великий вчинок!
Нехай ваша прекрасна пара Ти і Нік знову подорожуєте в мирному житті! Уявляй це!

Я до війни завжди заварювала каву в джезві. А в неділю у мене був ритуал - я варила каву зі спеціями. Відколи почалась війна, я просто запарювала її в чашці, боялась, що в будь який момент щось почнеться. Зараз уже менше боюсь, і вирішила якось знову заварити, зі спеціями... А через пару годин зловила себе на тому, що навіть не пам'ятаю, як я її пила, і смак її не пам'ятаю 😟

Я уявляю наскільки змінюються погляди та пріоритети людини, яка пережила те що ти... Головне вижити і щоб був мир в Україні! Вірю, що ти благословенна людина і Бог береже тебе!

Намагаюсь інколи уявити, що буде після Перемоги. Але часто від цього починаю плакати. Так боляче, коли розумію, якими будуть наші гарні міста, наші найкрасивіші в світі краєвиди... після цього кошмару. Дуже скучила за дочкою, і за мамою...

Дякую, Олечко, за підтримку, і за коментар. Якби не Хайв, я не знаю, як би я це витримала.


Ти сильна людина. Пам'ятай ти вибрана та особлива, тому що в тебе є hive і друзі в усьому світі, які моляться за вас !!!

Happy to know you are all safe.. I always check out on your blog to know the update on this crisis. Thank you for sharing

We are all saying No to war and let they be peace all around the world

I think this war has made the solidarity on HIVE reinforced. I wish the war finished or never happened.

Stay safe!

I heard that in Kharkiv Roct, there was a bombing, I am not sure about it. But CC footage was showing that it was sudden and a large number of people were there. I don't know if anybody got injured or died, but unfortunately, these supermarkets don't have any shelters or hidden places for hiding...

Oh, I see. And yes, they have no shelters, I suppose this is the same everywhere, because... who on earth in the right mind can predict that supermarket will need a shelter, or be bombed 😨

Ustedes ya son ganadores 💛💙✌️✌️✌️✌️

Good to hear from you again! Not the sort of one month anniversary I would wish upon anyone. The empty playground cerainly brings shivers (not in a good way...), even though some fresh air must have been refreshing for you. The flowers looks beautiful, important to still be able to take joy in the small things. 🙂

The empty playground cerainly brings shivers

You know, for me, even.more sad was that those whome I met were old people, sometimes very old. I used to see it crowded with children.

The flowers looks beautiful,

He cannot buy or send flowers for me, so he took pictures of first flowers. 😊

Yes, according to UNICEF over half of Ukrainian children are displaced, after one month of war. Some 2.5 million children displaced within Ukraine, and over 1.8 million that have crossed neighbouring borders as refugees. Something that certainly will have consequences for generations to come, even if the Russians were to pull out tomrrow. 😪

That's cute of him, I'll have to check if can spot any early spring flowers here in Norway now! 😃

Even if kids are too young to realize what's happening, they feel the anxiety of their parenth. Everyone will be affacted, every ukrainian....

And flowers always bring joy to everyone, especially the first spring flowers. You will find them, sooner or later )

💕 Ayyy friend, how beautiful to read you again and that you remain here with us, I feel more optimistic, I thank God for it, stay like this, everything will be fixed, this nightmare will end, you are a fighter of life, a thousand blessings for you.
I am so happy that you are receiving all this help, life will be in charge of repaying these people for their collaboration and humility with you who need it so much.
How beautiful your husband is, you deserve those flowers and more 🌸💖.
A big hug for you friend and many blessings, my day is already complete for having read you and knowing that you are well. You will soon get the freedom you are longing for. Freedom and peace to Ukraine.💙💛

So be it!


That's how it's going to be... 💕🌸🐦🍀💫💛💙

It must not be easy to be in your situation, what I can do from afar is to raise my prayer for the cessation of the war and for this unfortunate situation to pass soon. I follow you and I vote for you. God bless you @zirochka.

Its really an awesome feeling hearing from you . Keep on staying strong 💪🏾 Stay Safe !!

Checking for updates as usual and so glad you have new post. And moreover that you are safe. I know you take care of yourself, but I will not stop worring and thinking of you.
Sending !LUV


Every tragedy has something to remind to everybody, but whatever it is love must still there, loves bounds us all.We must not lose hope, God Always there hear our prayers, All we need to do is keep our communication to him through prayers.

Greetings Zirochka, I am happy to hear that you are well and helping the volunteers in your country. Hopefully soon you will be able to be in complete calm. Best regards!

Nice to hear from you again, @zirochka. Praying for the safety of you, Nick, Nat, your mom, and friends as well for every peaceful person on earth.

Today I picked up some new frames for my pictures to be hang in my flat.


Thank you, dear @florian-glechner !

On my short walk yesterday, I l've been thinking about the time when I loved to take my camera and hunt for pictures ) Hope this will return one day. Can't wait to it.

Oh yes, this will definitely come back! I hope soon, but I understand that you need to get back the feeling of safety and "normal" life circumstances first.


We are with you. I am sending you photos of our office in the Pilsen region. Your flag also flies at the City Hall of Pilsen.



Thank you, Czech Republic! 🤗❤

I can’t decide if I should save or vice versa?

I'm kind of a saver too, but I would advise you not to be "for now" tm.
There are times when you have to enjoy the good things in life without waiting, and that time seems to have come.
You will worry later about stocking up on delicacies again for special occasions.

I'm kind of a saver too,

My grandmother and Nick grandmother both experienced starvation and poverty. Afterr Nick's granny has passed, they continued to find food hidden around the house. My granny never threw away food, she considered it a great sin. Regardless to our earnings, she glued broken dishes, patched old clothes. These injuries are very deep and are transmitted through genetic memory. So, we are both savers.

you have to enjoy the good things in life

You are right, given the number of opportunities ) I'm glad that I asked 🙂

Hola amiga comprendo todo lo que publicaste, de hecho soy veteranos de la GUERRA DE MALVIAS,
DE ARGENTINA CONTRA GRAN BRETAÑA, te dejo mi voto y te sigo saludos y mucha fuerza con mucha esperanza de que todo terminara pronto.

Thank you!

Our small support continue...;)




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We keep on praying for you all here and that peace will return.

Thank you so much for your update. I was happy to see that you were able to go for a walk today.

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Okay, thank you!

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Glad to hear from you again and happy to hear y'all are safe.. well relatively..

To a veteran that white line between the pictures looks like a trip wire for a claymore mine.. I had to look twice..


Looking forward to your next post already.

To a veteran that white line between the pictures looks like a trip wire for a claymore mine..

I feel you, reflexes acquired in such extreme conditions remain with us for a long time...

And I should put a bolder line between them but layout editor don't have the option.

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Appreciate it 🙏

Hola gracias por mantenernos informados

You are a good girl. Be strong and don't save. Buy whatever you want. Later you can see how to pay 😄😄😄

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Good to hear that you are still safe. I'm amazed to see you got a Wednesday Walk in! Take care @zirochka. 💖

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Im glad to know that you are safe when theres a new post!

Yeap, I'm still here )

Although the night is dark, and the walls fall, the wait will end and a new sun will rise for all those who did not give up and fought to be free, a new day will begin and they will be free. the dead will be heroes. the fortress ruins.

I hope the air raids get fewer and fewer and shorter to the point of non existence.

Hope so. Soon...
There were 7 today so far. 😳

Nice keep it up.
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