About Time

in #steak2 months ago

Hi friends,

It has been a busy time of year - there are a few things I enjoy a lot that I have not been able to do: gold prospecting, fishing, golfing and eating steaks.

With a little time off this week and the Thanksgiving holiday, hopefully I can do all of these things to catch up on slowing down :) I am starting off correctly, as it is about time for a big old steak:


I paired this bone-in ribeye with jalapeños, onions and potatoes - so delicious! I am feeling energized already!

Thanks for coming by,


It seems you did a good sear mate, looks delicious!

The meal is looking sumptuous. My mouth is filled with water.

I hope you would have wonderful thanksgiving holiday

Mouthwatering , the steak🥰. And I can already feel the smokiness of the onions and potatoes all infused together. You’re making me hungry

Your dish is very tasty. You can find time for the things you love. You have to make some changes in the whole routine. Thanks for sharing.